Polka Dots, In or Out ??

  1. IN! I LOOOVE POLKA DOTS! (But it also depends on the color(s)).
  2. I looove polka dots! They have to be pretty small or conservative for me to wear them, but I love putting them on my daughter!
    Some of those skirts ARE cute! Dots are in this year based on my many shopping excursions and ogling the mannequins!
  3. Love 'em! :love:
  4. Some of those skirts are so cute! I think the way they're doing their polka dots is really cute and "in"
  5. I just bought a bathing suit with polka dots (brown with white dots) and a super-cute black Betsey Johnson dress with red dots. I just love the look! So, IN!!!!
  6. i guess they r in right now but would never buy them.. but if it looks good on you, why not?
  7. [​IMG]
    skirt 001.jpg
  9. I think they're in! I wear polka dots kind of often! I think they're cute!
  11. they are in, I like the big print polka dots
  12. I looove polka dots! I own a couple polka shirts and they are adorable.
  13. Not sure if they are still in or not, but I love them. I want a polka dot scarf to tie to my purse!
  14. I love polka dots. I just rescued a skirt from my other closet (across the country). I'm young enough to pull them off (big multicolored ones on a mini) ... I hope! :nuts: I'm always much more colorful preppy in the summer.
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