Polka dot wallet?

  1. Did Coach ever make a polka dot wallet? I know that they did the Demi bag, the Gallery tote, and the wristlet, but lately I've been seeing a ton of dot wallets and can't decide if they are all fake or some are real.
  2. I believe that they did in around 2003 (I may be wrong). I know that they had polka dot rain boots. They were white with multicolor dots.
  3. The polka dot collection had a card case not a wallet.
  4. Yup, card case, wristlet, no wallet--
  5. I think there WAS a wallet....but it was a larger size than most of them are. There was also the card case. That said...I've not seen an authentic one on eBay.....the dots are one of the most faked collections out there I think. At least they were when they first came out. I don't think when the dots went in special in the outlets LAST year they brought the wallet back.