Polka dot ponytail scarves


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Dec 12, 2005
Norman, OK
I did a search but didn't come up with anything that would answer my question. There has to be someone here who has been following the polka dot scarves closely for the past few seasons. I would like to know what colors they have come out with up to this point. I have the bordeaux one but that was from at least more than a year ago. Help anyone? Is there a reference that I could go to for this or would Coach itself may be able to help me if I email their CS? Sounds silly but I'm more of a collector than anything else and would love to get the polka dot ponytail scarves in all the colors that appeal to me. Thanks!


Jul 21, 2008
North Texas
I saw quite a few colors on ebay recently. I would monitor the scarves there. I remember one auction had a bunch of colors laid out side-by-side.


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Aug 30, 2007
Dark pink, light blue, light green (kinda minty), black

At least those are the ones that I have.
Feb 26, 2006
I think there is a sort of khaki-colored one out there as well. I could have sworn I saw one at my local store the last time I was in there. I know there's also a blue one.


But it was on sale!
Mar 9, 2007
South Jersey
There have been so many different polka dot scarves! I have three:

One is khaki with white dots on one side and khaki on white mini sig on the other side. The dots on this one are tiny-smaller than the more current style. Almost like a swiss dot if you know what I mean. I know this style also came in black because I've been searching for it and have seen it on ebay a few times.

Two is black with white dots on both sides and then on the ends there are a couple stripes in white/gray iirc. I got a crazy deal on this on ebay-paid around $6 shipped. The dots are much bigger on this one and I believe I've seen it in red (white/khaki stripes on the ends) and possibly green and blue but don't quote me.

Three is from last holiday time and it is winter white with black dots and the reverse is signature c's in the same colors. I know there were several colors available in this style when I bought it. I want to say there was khaki/chocolate, light blue/dark blue, light green/dark green, and crimson but again, I'm not certain.

Good luck in your polka dot scarf quest!