polka dot gallery tote

  1. i missed out on this and i want it so bad
    so if you have any info on where to get one please shareeee

    its like my dream to have it


  2. I haven't seen them at the outlets anymore so I'd say eBay. =(
  3. Ebay... I think they were v. popular.. sold out in most stores, no?
  4. I got one at the outlet a long while ago. I would also say eBay.
  5. Yeah .. but be careful and ask for help in authenticate this before buying...a LOT of the dots in ebay are fake.
  6. i have no idea about authenticity, but there are a few on ebay around the $300 range.
  7. yeah i looked on ebay but none of them looked authentic
    i guess i should just give up :crybaby:
  8. ^^^Patience is key!
  9. ^^ Ditto. I have to wait a long time to get some of the bags I want on eBay.
  10. I saw them at the outlets back in April, but of course I'm dumb and I bought the demi instead and now I wish that I had gotten the tote because it was only like $150 or something like that. Good luck finding one!!
  11. i would pretty much pay anything except 500 dollars ahha
  12. i have one that's used and authentic! but i'm not so sure i'm willing to part with it yet.

    and that, plus the fact that it's used, i doubt anyone would bid if i put it on ebay....

    but if you need any pictures i can take some of mine, so you can see the difference between real and fake :smile:
  13. i would love to see picctures !!
  14. oh, wow!

    i love it!!

    (and that's because i don't even like coach!)