Polishing dull hardware

  1. Sorry if this is a repeat question...I did a search but couldn't find anything.

    I know that some folks use brasso or a silver polishing cloth to brighten up the hardware on their LV bags, but I'm wondering specifically about the little rivets and hardware on the bag.

    Is it possible to clean the rivets (where they attach to the vachetta) without ruining the vachetta?
  2. Good question. That sounds too tedious and time consuming for me.:lol:
  3. Polishing dull hardware

    LV lock before and pic's here

    If you have polish for cleaing/polishing car rims you can use that. I used it on mine and it worked as you can see inthe link above
  4. Right, but I'm wondering if you can use these products on the rivets (which attach to the vachetta).

    The locks can be polished easily since they are removable and don't touch the vachetta, but I'm wondering if these products will ruin the vachetta.
  5. I think you need to be VERY careful and use a cotton swab.
  6. I've cleaned the rivets before and accidentally got some Brasso on the Vachetta. This was on patina'd leather though, so nothing showed. The only weird thing was that the leather had like a white buildup from the brass cleaner. I quickly cleaned it with leather conditioner and that did the trick.

    So I would just be very careful, and try maybe a q-tip on the rivets.
  7. I thought that only the locks were made of Brass and so it's the only thing you can clean with Brasso.
    Aren't the rivets and other hardware made of the same coated metal as the zipper? Wouldn't Brasso strip it of the coating?

    I've only used Brasso on my locks with much success if I may add.
  8. ^^Hmm. I had no idea about that!
  9. I've cleaned rivets, grommets and buckle hardware on my Vuitton with brass cleaner/brass cloths with great success. I haven't tried it with my newer items because there is no need.

    The items I have cleaned are at least 4 years old and older.
  10. Just wondering if anyone had any success in cleaning the zips and zipper pulls?
    (Not lock or keys etc).
    Can't seem to find any threads on this for LV.

    Any advice?
  11. You can also buy a jewelry cloth to polish with, if it's minor oxidation it will work and no chemicals or spills onto the vachette. Otherwise I would suggest using a low adhesive tape to mask off areas around the rivets, then proceed with care with brasso, better if your local cleaning store has a brass cleaner that is a cream instead of liquid, less chance of spills. Keep an eraser handy incase you do spill, if it is relatively dry lightly brush off with an eraser (if its wet you will just increase the surface area of the mess). Erasers are great for cleaning minor vachette stains that are fresh and haven't absorbs too deeply into the leather.

    Hope that helps
  12. Is it abnormal that a brand new bag bought from the LV store came with dull brass? I noticed as soon as I brought it home the brass looked much more dull than bags I've had for 3 years and more that I also purchased from the store and never polished?
  13. What bag did you purchase?
  14. I got the chantilly gm which I'm pretty sure was brand new and not a display since its not as common. With it, i got the mono joey and the brass hardware on that was spectacularly shiny and gold.