Polished Alexa with silver hw - reveal!

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  1. :yahoo: I just got this fabulous new-to-me Alexa, so here is my instant reval without any teasing...

    I have been looking for an Alexa with just the right amount of structure. First, I tried the plonge lambskin - it drove me crazy with it's slouch, and then I bought one of the printed leather Alexas - that I found too structured. Here goes a third time: A polished Alexa with silver hw, preloved and nicely broken in. :love:

    Very happy with this leather quality, it will keep its shape and still not feel too boxy, I think. I'm using a purseket (stiff liner) inside for now, but think I might buy one of the samorga liners for this bag later on, if it goes any softer.

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  2. :yahoo:you look fab!! congrats....:heart:
  3. Looks great, silver HW always looks lovely.
  4. Looks great :smile:
    I have just got a Samgora liner for my lexie and i think it is great ...and so much easier to find stuff :smile:
  5. ^^^Thank you!
    And the samorga liners seem to work very well :smile:
  6. oh that bag is beautiful!!!!

    I particularly like it with the silver hardware - lovely!!

    It really suits you. :smile:
  7. Looks gorgeous on you! :smile:
  8. It's a beauty! Great photos. I have a structured, printed one. I sometimes wish it was a bit softer, like you described.
  9. beautiful bag and photos. I love nickel hardware on EVERYTHING! :smile:
  10. Thank you :smile:
  11. Gorgeous 'Lexi & looks great on you - congrats on finding "the one for you" x
  12. Really suits you! :tup:

    I am also a huge fan of pretty much any colour with nickel hardware - glad there are a few more options these days!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous bag and looks great on you! What leather was this again - buffalo? I just might start searching for one.... ;-D
  14. so stunning! forgive me for asking but is that the regular or oversize?
  15. This is the polished buffalo leather, regular size. :yes:
    I have bought a Samorga liner for it now, to add some shape and extra pockets inside.