1. I have a great vintage chanel but its definatly seen better days. The leather is a bit cracked and faded. Anything I can do for it? I've been tempted to try shoe polish but that's probably a really bad idea, right? lol! I know it cant be totally repaired, but I was hoping to somehow be able to smooth out the color and fill in the cracks a bit?
  2. no no no no shoe polish...... take it to the boutique to see if they can send it to their "place"
  3. ^^yes, take it to Chanel and have them refurbish it professionally.:yes:
  4. I agree, no drying shoe polish!
  5. yeah, I figured that was a huge no-no. Is there anything I can do for it at home? The nearest boutique is several hours away, so not that easy to get to.:sad:
  6. Some Ladies here use Apple Guard leather conditioner.