Polish Suggestions for Very Thin Nails?

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  1. My nails are very thin and bendy. Because of this, I have a hard time keeping polish chip-free for more than 2 days. If I do any sort of work with my hands, my nails bend and the polish chips. It is frustrating and time consuming to keep up the look of polished nails...but I do it anyway! It definitely helps to keep my nails very short, however this is not my favorite solution.

    Some brands are less chippy than others, the ones I am more satisfied with are: MAC Nail Laquer, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme, and Maybelline Wet Shine. These seem to be more pliable, and less prone to chipping overall.

    I was wondering if anyone else shares my frustration, and if so, which polishes have you found work well for your thin n' bendy nails?

  2. I have the same problem. I have found Chanel polish to be very good. The combo of chanel polish with shorter nails has helped me a lot. Short nails are very stylish!
  3. Ditto here. I love leaving my nails natural, but they seem to always break. What I use when I dont have a color on is, OPI nail envy. I almost never go without anything on them, or they tend to break very easily!
  4. I like Nailtiques Formula 2 under OPI polish - really makes my nails stronger.
  5. Why are you nails thin and bendy? Is it nutrition? Is there something that can be done to stregthen them?
  6. I believe getting more calcium can help strengthen nails.
  7. Yes!! I have the same problem, mine always peel back and so I'm constantly painting and touching up. I have been using Chanel base coat and Chanel polishes for about 2months now and they are starting to grow. I just thought that since Chanels line is formaldehyde, tolulene and something else free, it may be better. so far so good.
  8. I recommend Nailtique also, Marilyn hair and nail vitamins for 1 month and 2 top coats over the polish. I noticied that too many coats of the polish made it chip easier.
  9. Thanks ladies! I haven't tried some of those brands, and I'm looking forward to testing them out. I don't think calcium supplements are on the horizon though... my nails have always been thin, and I'm just looking for some great polish. I appreciate your help! :smile: