Polish Lowland Sheepdogs?

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  1. Does anyone own a Polish Lowland Sheepdog (PON or Polski Owczarek Nizinny)

    I'm thinking of getting one and am curious if there are any other PON owners out there.
    www.aponc.org has more about the breed.

  2. My best friend has 3 PONS! They're a rare breed, so I was surprised to see a thread about them!

    Her dogs are great, and I've learned quite a bit about the breed in the 5-6 years I've known my friend. Hers are aged 16, 14, and 8. (I'm posting a pic of the youngest one, Ruby.) Obviously, they can have a very long lifespan if raised properly. They require tons of exercise (but my friend likes to run, so she just takes them with her...) And they eat a TON!!! The youngest is terrible about food -- she once stole an entire brick of gruyere cheese off the kitchen island, right in front of everyone.

    They're extremely intelligent dogs, and very affectionate. However, they require regular grooming (at least 1-2 times a month), or they get really dirty and kinda stinky. Her 3 are good with each other, since they've grown up together. (The 14yo dog is actually the 8yo dog's mother.) She also has a cat, though, and the dogs hate it!

    As far as any illnesses they're prone to, I know that the oldest has bad arthritis in her hips, and the other two have thyroid problems. (Ruby, the youngest, is actually about 10 lbs overweight as a result.) So far, they've had a relatively easy time managing the dogs' health problems, which are actually pretty minimal considering their age.

    Anyhow, PM me if you want more info or some links. My friend's mom is actually a former breeder, so I can get some more info from her if you're seriously thinking about getting a PON.

    And... here's Ru! [​IMG]
  3. What a gorgeous dog Ru is!!

    The more I read about the PONS, the more I think it will be a great dog for us. I think I have found a puppy from a breeder in Worcester, MA. I am wary of buying a puppy and having it shipped -- Worcester, MA is within driving distance for me so I wouldn't have to worry about having the dog travel by air... There aren't many breeders with puppies up here in the Northeast.

    From what I've read they dogs are good with cats (well I've heard that they try to "herd" them sometimes..lol) --- I have two cats... I hope they'll get along okay .... When you say the dogs don't like her cat -- do they just avoid it or do they attack it?

    I really appreciate the information you posted and I will definitely post pictures if/when I get the PON puppy!
  4. i love PONs! i don't have one, but i used to live in Poland and encountered quite a few. they are sweetie pies! grooming is a pain, but they're playful and affectionate.

    please post pics once you get a puppy... they are too cute when they're little!
  5. Finzup, to answer your question about PONS and cats, I think the reason that my friend's dogs don't like her cat is because she introduced the cat into the house later on, after the dogs had already established their "pack." Ru, the youngest, will actually attempt to play with the cat from time to time, (and usually get swatted!) but the other two avoid it like the plague!

    And Sunnypoo, you're right that PONS make adorable puppies! I'm posting a shot of two PON pups from a litter that belonged to a friend of my friend's mom, hah hah.

    And just for giggles, there's also a pic from last Christmas of all 3 of my friend's PONS. L to R, Esther (age 14), Ruby (age 8, Esther's daughter), and Allie (age 16). Enjoy, they sure are cute! And Finzup, good luck with your pup! You'll love it!

  6. they are adorable :smile:

    I actually just talked to a breeder in Illinois.... I might actually get my dog from them. They said that I could fly to Illinois and get the dog and have it fly with me on the plane -- so it doesn't have to go in the cargo area. If I get it from them, I will have it around mid may. I will definitely post pictures !
  7. Update: We are putting a deposit on a PON puppy today!! (from the breeder in Illinois)..
    I'm so excited. I'll be able to get the dog in May.
  8. I never knew the proper name. I'm sure I'm not the only person who refers to them as the Dulux sheepdog.

    ^Congrats! Be sure to post pics when you get him/her!
  9. Yay! That's awesome! Is your breeder's name Cindy or Magda by any chance? If so, I know her. :tup: Anyhow, congrats on your PON puppy. You're going to love having one.

  10. Yes it is Cindy and Magda!! Small world!! :smile:
  11. OK Update.. the PON puppies are about 6 weeks old now and we know which puppy we're getting.. we're naming him Oliver

    check him out http://PONoliver.blogspot.com

    He's so cute he looks like a stuffed animal!!!