Polish Collections PICS


Aug 12, 2012
I didn't zero in on any specific brands or what not so if you really want me to start picturing each brand together I would love to. Also I updated my spreadsheet so you all can look through and ask what brands pic together. I am now up to 600 and am happy there but still want more!!! UGG LOL My 2 Painted Melmers are getting pretty full!(1 drawer left)

I would LOVE to see other ladies stashes too!!

Now onto the peeks

Storage!!! 2 Melmers spray painted black with my pics of kids(my son is top pic from about 9 when he modeled 8yrs ago, bottom is daughter and her hubby +2kids). Sorry about the bill stand. The oak leather toped box is where I keep my top/base coats at then the gifting pile to the right that I do not count as my stash(some of those are headed to the Polish box for exchange!)

Indie Drawer

Higher end drawer(Nars, Dior, Chanel, BL, DL, OPI, Julep and that type)

No intro needed

and these 2 are just mainly regular polish though they do include Hits, BarryM, Catrice, Nails Inc, and so on

One of the drawers cut off some polish but you get the idea. Still have the Lynn/Nerd Drawer and could move my frankening out of another for a final drawer if I need it. Still have room for more...

So proud I just cleaned up the 120 polishes I had all over on my table and finally added them to my Spreadsheet so I could put them away!! So proud!