policy on returning dept. store bags...

  1. can you return a coach bag you bought @ a department store to a boutique for an exchange????

    I received one of the new Madeline totes from dillards as a gift and I want to exchange it for something else, but dillards doesn't have the new bag that I want. If it's new w/tag will the boutique let me exchange it???
  2. Talk to one of the SA's at your boutique. I was told that as long as the sku is in their system they will take back anything. I know they don't like to but if you have a good relationship with the store they may do it for you.
  3. all the SA's at my store love me lol.... so maybe I'll call the manager up later and ask! thanks!
  4. Yep...I have the same relationship here:heart:. Let us know!!:yes:
  5. Just bring it in and get an exchange...just make sure you take off the yellow tag from dillards. Aslong as you have the tag on they will take it. Once I got a Coach bag as a gift and took my tag off by mistake. I asked the SA if I can exchange it and she had no problem with it.
  6. Yes I actually did that today with no problem!
  7. If you do this, ethically speaking, you have to tell them you bought it at Dillards. If they allow you to exchange it, then so be it.