Policewoman shot dead by rape suspect

  1. What a sad story but what a brave women to fight like she did.....at least he waited for the other police to arrive and didn't bolt, but why on earth would he shoot her in the first place?


    By staff writers | January 29, 2008

    A NEW Orleans policewoman fought for her life for seven minutes before a rape suspect she was trying to arrest took her gun and shot her dead.

    Officer Nicola Cotton, 24, approached the man who was wanted for questioning over a rape in her police cruiser and began questioning him yesterday.

    When she tried to handcuff him he attacked her, and a seven-minute fight ensued, police Superintendent Warren Riley told the Associated Press.

    The officer managed to use her radio during the struggle to call for back-up, but the man grabbed her weapon and shot her several times, Supt Riley said.

    "I can tell you, this officer fought with a man twice her size, and she fought very courageously," he said.

    "She followed procedure as far as we're concerned."

    The suspect, Bernell Johnson, 44, stayed on the scene until other police arrived.

    He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, police spokesman Joe Narcisse said.

    Supt Riley said several witnesses saw the shooting in a car park near a busy intersection in a crime-plagued neighbourhood of New Orleans.

    Security videotape also captured the assault, he said.

    Officer Cotton's death is a blow to the southern US city where hopes were high that a new year could hold back a wave of crime that has been a dark backdrop to the rebuilding effort since the devastating Hurricane Katrina.

    She was among the first graduates of the police academy after Katrina. At the time, the police department was losing officers and was aggressively recruiting.
  2. I printed this out and posted it at our station. My prayers are with her family.

    God be with you my sister in Blue...:crybaby:
  3. RIP Nicola.
  4. Just a horrible story, but what a fighter.
  5. How horrible.
  6. IMHO, she died a hero. Rest now honey, they got your man and he will pay.
  7. This is so sad, I wish her family the best during this time. It's things like this that are scaring me from a career in Law Enforcement.
  8. R.I.P Nicola

    She was so young. :crybaby:

    It's things like this that makes my mom nag me about considering a different career. I'm currently in school for a Criminal Justice major and was thinking about going into Law Enforcement after I graduated but my mom is very persistent in trying to change my mind. :s
  9. So sad, what a waste of a young life. She had so much to give to the community.
  10. how horrible!!! How could she question and arrest a RAPE SUSPECT on her own?! Where was her partner? Does anyone remember the terrible police video of a female cop being beaten by a man she pulled over for a traffic violation? A simple traffic violation and the man got out of the car and repeatedly punched the woman in the face, even after she collapsed after the first punch. Female cops shouldn't be on their own, especially when arresting dangerous suspects. I don't care if it's sexist to believe that.