Police: Suspect shoots self at Montreal college

  1. MONTREAL, Quebec (AP) -- At least one gunman opened fire Wednesday in the cafeteria of a Montreal college and wounded an unknown number of people before shooting himself, witnesses and police said.

    Scores of students at Dawson College near downtown fled into the surrounding streets after the shooting broke out in the school of about 10,000. Some of them had bloody clothes.

    CBC-TV showed police with guns drawn standing behind a police cruiser. (Watch as a police spokesman says authorities are using dogs to search campus -- 5:25)

    Martine Millette of the Montreal police said authorities did not know how many people had been shot. There also was uncertainty if there was more than one gunman.

    Millette said the man later shot himself. Constable Philippe Gouin said, "In all probability, the suspect has committed suicide."

    'The guy was shooting at people randomly'
    Student Devansh Smri Vastava said he saw a man in military fatigues with "a big rifle" storm the school's cafeteria.

    "He just started shooting at people," Vastava said, adding that he heard about 20 shots fired. He also said teachers ran through the halls telling students to get out.

    Other witnesses spoke of a gunman wearing a black trench coat.

    "We all ran upstairs. There were cops firing. It was so crazy," Vastava said. "I was terrified. The guy was shooting at people randomly. He didn't care; he was just shooting at everybody. I just got out."

    Derick Osei, 19, said he walking down the stairs when he saw a man with a gun.

    "He ... just started shooting up the place. I ran up to the third floor and I looked down and he was still shooting," Osei said. "He was hiding behind the vending machines, and he came out with a gun and started pointing and pointed at me. So I ran up the stairs. I saw a girl get shot in the leg."

    Osei said people in the cafeteria were all lying on the floor.

    Another student who gave her name as Chloe tearfully recounted seeing the gunman pointing a weapon at people.

    "All of a sudden I turned around and saw a man who was all dressed in black," she told radio station 940 News.

    "This dude with the clothes started pointing the gun at other people. He was right behind me. He turned around and went in the corner of the cafeteria," she said.

    Another student told 940 News that she had seen two people who had been shot, including one who was hit in the neck. The student said a friend told her four people had been shot.

    '89 shooting spurred tighter gun laws
    Ingrid Keigan, a 17-year-old student, said she saw one person outside who had been shot in the chest.

    A SWAT team and canine units were at the college, going floor by floor to look for victims, Sgt. Giuseppe Boccardi told CNN.

    "Most of the students have exited the college grounds," he said.

    People have also been evacuated from the nearby Alexis-Nihon shopping center.

    Canada's worst mass shooting also happened in Montreal. Gunman Marc Lepin killed 14 women at the Ecole Polytechnic on December 6, 1989.

    That shooting spurred efforts for tighter gun laws and greater awareness of societal violence -- particularly domestic abuse. Canada's tighter gun law was achieved mainly as the results of efforts by survivors and relatives of the victims.

    Another shooting in Montreal occurred in 1992, when a Concordia University professor killed four colleagues.

    Dawson College was the first English-language institution in Quebec's network of university preparatory colleges when it was founded in 1969.

    It is the largest college of general and vocational education, known by its French acronym CEGEP, in the province.

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  2. Very scary. I've read that they think there may have been more than one gunman.
  3. News just reported that there was only one gunman.
  4. I read about this earlier today, it's so scary and random. I hope everyone ends up being okay.
  5. I was about 2 blocks away with my son and nanny. We were in a toy store and somebody ran inside screaming that they are closing the street off, we had to leave right away. It was like a horrible movie.The whole area was in a panic, it was seriously chaotic. I have been crying.Devastated over the loss of life here in our city. It has been a horrendous day.
  6. How tragic.:sad:
  7. oh gosh..that is really scary :sad:
  8. It makes me so sad to hear about this kind of senseless killing. How awful! My heart goes out to the victims!
  9. OMG, reminds me of Columbine. I had no idea there was a previous shooting in 1989.
  10. It's so sad. I actually know someone who goes to that college. Lucky for them though, they weren't in harms way. It's sad that such innocent people get killed for nothing, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thing is I woke up this morning with a sense something bad was gonna happen. I was right too.
  11. I found these articles on Yahoo!

    Montreal gunman wrote of death, hatred - Yahoo! News

    He wore a black trenchcoat, and it was reported that he liked playing an online role playing game about the Columbine shootings.

    He kept a blog similar to those of the Columbine shooters.

    (His blog mentions Marilyn Manson. As horrible a tragedy as this is, I really hope the authorities don't put blame on Marilyn Manson.)
  12. since moving to montreal from london (uk), i've always been under the impression that montreal is a very safe city. this incident is scary and shocking...even more so to me as my daughter's ballet school is just opposite dawson college and we were there on monday.
  13. frightening