Police smash global pedophile ring, arresting 700 people & rescuing 31 children

  1. Oh my god... I hate seeing pictures of the people, it absolutely disgusts me. It's unbelievable that things like this go on...the internet chat site with live streaming video!!! Ugh* those poor children. :sad:
  2. Those poor children. I'm glad they were able to safely rescue them & get them out of such a horrible situation.
  3. soo heartbreaking when i think of the children, why would someone hurt them like this
  4. Pedophilia is one crime I just can't wrap my head around. It is probably the most disgusting form of abuse I can think of. I cannot imagine being a victim of this abuse & more so I cannot imagine being associated w/ such a HORRENDOUS act. Those involved in pedophlia are IMHO not able to be rehabilitated. It is so frightening to think how much this goes on.:cry:

    I am so glad some children have been helped.
  5. God Bless those police officers! I pray those children are returned to their worried families (or, for the ones without families, I pray they are found good, loving homes).
  6. I swear that makes me want to throw up, eff jailtime they should be hung up and shot. Don't waste the publics tax dollars so they can have three meals and breathe oxygen, those poor kids.
  7. That is horrible.. it makes me sick to my stomach.

    I just don't understand how those people can sexually abuse innocent children and still live with themselves.
  8. No words to describe people who will do this!
    Those poor children, what they have suffered!
    I recommend castration with a very rusty razor blade minus anesthesia of course for all of the lowlives involved in this!
    Thank God some have been caught & stopped at least & some poor kids saved!
  9. I am glad the children were rescued, but it makes me sad to think how their lives will after all they gone through... :sad:

  10. Amen.
  11. *cough* Chemical castration.

  12. Double Amen.

    The words I want to use to descibe this filth would get me banned for sure. I'd gladly pull the trigger or throw the switch to end their existence.
  13. Those poor poor poor children~

    Thank God for the cops!!!
  14. Yes- shoot them, no place for rehabilitation for these monsters.