Police Shootout

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  1. This has taken place in my neighborhood. I have been home from work for about 20 minutes and seen at least 5 emergency vehicles go past. And I am like 3 miles away from the station. It's scary:shocked:

  2. I live right next to the police station where I am. The air horn (I think that's what you call it) goes off just about everyday. Occassionally dozens of emergency vehicles would speedy by where I am. I always say a prayer and hope that everything's okay.

    I hope they find the other guy so everyone in your area can rest easy.
  3. Yeah, Prayers for all those hurt. I believe one female cop has passed.

    Its really hard to know what to believe when you are only listening to frantic local news.
  4. How scary!!!
  5. Scary!!! Please stay safe!
  6. How scary! The biggest crime in my neighborhood is when someone steals a poolsweep from someone's backyard! :roflmfao:

    But seriously stay safe :love: I wouln't want a forumer to get hurt!
  7. Scary! It's been on the news all evening. I hope they catch the second guy soon. I have a friend who just moved to Chantilly recently. I think I'll call her......
  8. O.O Poor police officers.. They risk their lives protecting civilians. I hope they're okay. Stay safe! If you come upon a shooting scene, go away and call the police!
  9. Stay put!
  10. hope that ur oki and dont leave the house when u hear too much noise.. just to be on the safe side of course..
  11. OMG, my mom got stuck in mad traffic on her way home b/c of the shooting. It's so sad that one of the police officers couldn't make it.
  12. Make sure you lock your doors well and don't answer the door unless you're sure who it is!! :hrmm: ...that is scary. Takecare you guys.