Police officer's wife goes missing *arrest made see p. 12*

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  1. I am not sure how many of you have been following this case, but I fear the outcome is not going to be good. This man has had four wives, and one of them died under suspicious circumstances and now this one is missing.



    Missing Woman's Officer Husband Has Troubled Past

    Sergeant's Third Wife Died From Drowning

    POSTED: 6:02 am CDT October 30, 2007
    UPDATED: 8:17 pm CDT October 30, 2007

    BOLINGBROOK, Ill. -- State police are searching for the wife of a southwest suburban Bolingbrook police sergeant.

    "Because he's one of our officers, we thought it would be better to have an independent agency investigating," Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar said of the state's involvement in the disappearance of Stacey Peterson. NBC5's Phil Rogers reported Tuesday that Will County authorities were looking into the one of the officer's previous marriages for clues into the disappearance of his current wife.

    It was not clear how long Peterson, the 23-year-old wife of Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson, has been missing. Illinois State Police Trooper Mark Dorencz at first declined to comment on the matter, but later said the state is handling the case as a missing persons investigation.

    Drew Peterson said he heard from his wife Sunday evening, when she called from her cell phone and told him where he could come and retrieve the family car.

    Drew Peterson's previous wife, 40-year-old Kathleen Savio, was found dead in the dry bathtub of her Pheasant Chase home in March 2004. Drew Peterson and Savio were divorced and he was returning their two sons to their home after a weekend visit, but no one answered the locked door.

    Peterson went to a neighbor's to call a locksmith. Once entry was gained, the neighbor went inside and found Savio's body in a waterless bathtub.

    The investigation revealed Savio drowned. Her fingertips showed pruning from being submerged in water and her hair was wet when she was found. While there was no water in the bathtub, it may have drained out over time, as the plug was down, investigators speculated.

    A coroner's jury ruled the death accidental. State police investigated that case as well. No charges were filed.

    Rogers reported that Peterson's third wife had been granted an order of protection against Drew Peterson, saying, "He wants me dead." The order of protection was dismissed 10 days later.

    The Will County State's Attorney's Office said they were reviewing the circumstances of Peterson's former wife's death three years ago.

    The disappearance of Stacey Peterson was being investigated by the Illinois State Police, Rogers reported.

    The Bolingbrook Police Department said Drew Peterson was not scheduled to work Monday. A message left for him at the department went unreturned. Rogers reported

    According to one official, Savio was Drew Peterson's third wife, and Stacey Peterson is his fourth.

    More than 20 years ago, Drew Peterson was fired from the Bolingbrook Police Department after the village board of police and fire commissioners found him guilty of disobedience, conducting a self-assigned investigation, failure to report a bribe immediately and official misconduct.

    He had been indicted two months earlier on charges of official misconduct and failure to report a bribe. Peterson was working under the auspices of the Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad at the time. Indictments alleged he solicited drugs in exchange for information about his agency. The charges later were dropped. Special Prosecutor Raymond Bolden said at the time that the charges were not provable.

    Drew Peterson won reinstatement with the department in March 1986. Judge Edwin Grabiec ruled police and fire commissioners lacked sufficient evidence to find Peterson guilty of the charges.

    According to an Illinois State Police news release -- which spelled her name Stacy Ann Peterson -- she was last heard from at 10 a.m. Sunday. She was supposed to help a friend do some painting, but never showed up.

    Stacy Peterson is described as a white female, 5 feet 2 inches tall, about 100 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. She was last seen wearing a red jogging suit. She has a tattoo of a blue and yellow carnation on the small of her back and a scar across her stomach, the release said.

    According to the release, Stacy Peterson frequents Joliet Junior College and her family reported her missing at 4 a.m. Monday.

    Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call ISP Joliet District at 815-726-6377.

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  2. Latest on this story:

    Missing Woman 'Feared for her Life,' Sister Says

    Relatives Search Forest for Clues to Young Wife's Fate


    Nov. 4, 2007 —

    Friends and family scoured forests near a Chicago suburb this weekend in the hopes of finding clues about the fate of 23-year-old Stacy Peterson, a mother of two who disappeared from her home nearly a week ago.

    About 40 people gathered to look for the missing woman Saturday morning, said her younger sister, Cassandra Cales. By early afternoon, the search had turned up nothing, but volunteers vowed to continue their hunt Sunday.

    "Everybody is looking for her," Cales told ABC News. "She's a very loved girl, and she wouldn't just disappear like that."

    "We've got search teams coming from around the world to help," she added. "We're just gonna go back at it [Sunday]."

    Stacy Peterson vanished from her house in Bolingbrook, Ill., last Sunday. Her family members say they grew concerned when she was supposed to meet her sister to help paint a house, but never showed up.

    Suspicion has since mounted that the missing woman's husband, Drew Peterson, 53, a sergeant at the local police department, may have played a role in his wife's disappearance.

    "She told me Friday night, 'If anything happens to me, I fear for my life,'" said Cales, who described her sister's marriage as abusive and said Stacey was considering divorce.

    Cales said she filed a missing person's report as soon as she realized her sister wasn't returning her calls.

    "I didn't sleep," she told ABC News of the day her sister disappeared. "I still haven't slept."

    But Drew Peterson insists he had nothing to do with his wife disappearance, and has suggested she left him for another man.

    "I miss her," Peterson told reporters from the doorstep of his home Thursday. Peterson has said his wife suffered from "mood issues" since one of her sisters died from colon cancer last year.

    The couple's two young children, Lacy, 2 and Anthony, 4, are staying with neighbors, according to family members.

    Stacy Peterson's marriage to Drew Peterson was her first, but it was his fourth. His third wife, Kathleen Savio, drowned in a bathtub in 2004, in a death that was ruled accidental.

    Before she died, Savio had filed an order of protection against her ex-husband, which read in part, "He wants me dead, and if he has to, he will burn the house down to shut me up."

    In light of recent events, prosecutors have reopened the investigation into Savio's death.

    "The current situation has prompted the state attorney to take another look at that case," Charles Pelkie, a spokesman for the Will County state attorney's office, told ABC News. "He is looking at it with fresh eyes and an open mind."

    Authorities searched the couple's home Thursday and have sent divers and cadaver dogs to investigate a nearby pond, but "no body was found," according to a spokesman for the Illinois State Police.

    The spokesman wouldn't comment on any other findings, but emphasized Stacy Peterson's disappearance is still considered a missing person's case, and not a homicide. He said Drew Peterson has been cooperative with the police's investigation.

    Drew Peterson has said he wants the attention to be on Stacy, and not on him.
    "I won't be able to go anywhere and show my face anywhere without people pointing," he told reporters earlier this week.

    Stacy's friends seem pessimistic the young woman will be found alive.

    "I do think there was foul play," family insider Anthony Laatz told ABC News. "Stacy wouldn't just disappear and not call Cassandra. They were very close. They talked all the time."

    Laatz said he hoped Sunday's search would yield information as to Stacy's location.
    "That's why we're searching, to find something that will lead us to Stacy," Laatz said. "A piece of clothing, anything that will give us a clue about her whereabouts."
    Cassandra Cales herself says she still hopes for more.

    "I hope to find her," she said. "Right now, I'm trying to find my sister."

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  3. And this:


    Police Search Home of Missing Illinois Mom Again

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Investigators searched the home of a suburban Chicago police sergeant for the second time Tuesday night whose wife disappeared last week.

    Stacy Peterson, 23, was reported missing Oct. 29 after she didn't arrive to a friend's house. Peterson is married to Bolingbrook, Ill., police Sgt. Drew Peterson, 53.
    The family of Stacy Peterson believes she is dead, vowing to search for her until she is found.

    "I've got to keep strong and keep going. I'm not going to stop until I find her," said Cassandra Cales, Stacy Peterson's sister.

    Illinois State Police searched the Peterson home last week. Authorities seized two vehicles, computers, cell phones and other items.

    Will County state's attorney's office spokesman Charles Pelkie said he couldn't offer any details about the warrant for Drew and Stacy Peterson's Bolingbrook home.
    Prosecutors want to interview their children for any possible clues that could help in the investigation.

    Texas EquuSearch, a nonprofit group that helps search for missing persons, combed several areas near the home with divers, helicopters, horses and dog teams.
    "It doesn't look good," Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch, said. "If something has happened to her, we know that every day that she's out there more and more evidence is gone and it's harder to determine cause of death."

    Drew Peterson, 53, a sergeant in the Bolingbrook Police Department, has said his wife phoned him and told him she had left voluntarily for another man. But Stacy Peterson's family has said she feared her husband, was making plans to divorce him and would not have willingly left her children.

    Authorities also reopened an investigation into the death of Drew Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, who in 2004 was found dead in a bathtub at the age of 40. A coroner ruled the death accidental.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.
  4. I saw this on Larry King, God bless her.
    Hey Roo - hope your DH is better. And a Paris trip comes your way again!
  5. Doesn't look good. This is about 10 minutes from where I live so, it's on TV all day.
  6. THANKS VEGAS! It's been a rough few weeks, so I will definitely need that Paris trip soon! :lol:
  7. This story is getting more interesting (and disturbing). Apparently the police officer/husband of this woman got involved with her while still married to wife #3. This is the woman who supposedly drowned in her bathtub. While he was having an affair with the missing woman, she was only 17 years old, wife #3 apparently filed numerous police complaints against both of them for harassment and stalking. She told numerous people she felt they were plotting to kill her. So what happened was wife #3 turned up dead, the husband was cleared, and he married his underage girlfriend as soon as she was legal. She had a baby almost immediately and ended up raising his two kids by the dead wife AND their two kids. I am wondering if the young wife knew her husband killed wife #3 and was going to expose him? That may be why she suddenly disappeared...

    I have a feeling this guy is going to make Scott Peterson look like a choirboy. Ironically these men both have the same last name AND one of the kids involved in this situation is named LACY PETERSON.
  8. People like this make me sick.
  9. ^^^
    OMG, look at those name similarities.. spooky!

    I have a feeling only the husband knows where she is, and I also thinks she's no longer living unfortunately.
  10. They just re-opened the case on wife #3 , saying it should have never been dissmissed. I wonder about the 4th wife too, if she knew anything. I know that would be a huge cue to stay away for 99% of women.
  11. I wonder what these women saw in this guy !!!!!!!!
  12. very scary !
  13. http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/h...ING_S2.article

    Savio's death

    In early 2002, Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio, the third wife, began divorce proceedings, according to court documents. They had been married about 10 years and had two children. In late 2003, Will County Judge Susan O'Leary dissolved their marriage. Their divorce was "bifurcated," in this case meaning they were allowed to divorce before their common property was divided, according to court documents.

    Then in March 2004, a neighbor found Savio dead in the dry bathtub at her Bolingbrook home. It was an accident, Will County Coroner Patrick K. O'Neil ruled. The 40-year-old woman suffered blunt trauma and a lacerated scalp, injuries consistent with a fall that could have knocked her unconscious, according to the inquest. By that time, Drew Peterson already was involved with the then-Stacy Cales, who was 17 when they met. After Savio died, there was a Will County probate case to settle her financial affairs. Well-known local lawyer Dick Kavanagh was the public administrator of Will County, a governor-appointed position. Simply put, the public administrator tries to find the fairest way to settle an estate after a death, among other things.

    (this is part of the story- read the entire thing at the link above)
  14. This is a timeline from another forum that I've revised somewhat. It is interesting to note that Stacey's mother went missing in 1998.

    *Stacey Cales Peterson's timeline:

    ---1982 Stacey's mother, Christie Cales, has a daughter that dies in a house fire

    ---1985 Drew Peterson is fired from Bolingbrook, IL Police Department for soliciting drugs in exhange for information about his agency.

    ---1986 Drew Peterson reinstated to Bolingbrook PD

    ---1987 another of Christie Cales' children died of SIDS

    ---4-28-1993, Kathleen Savio Peterson (Drew Peterson's third wife) visits the Hinsdale Hospital ER


    ---3/11/1998- Stacey's mother, Christie Marie Cales goes missing from Blue Island IL at age 40.

    ---Stacey Cales meets Drew Peterson when she is 17 years old.

    ---11-14-2002, Kathleen Savio (Peterson) (wife #3) writes letter to States Attorney about the abuse her husband has inflicted on her, harassment by Stacey and her husband, and the lack of action on the part of the police department.


    ---3-11-2002, Kathleen Savio files Order of Protection


    ---Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio's divorce is finalized on October 10, 2003. They did not, however, finalize the property settlement at this time.

    ---Stacey marries Drew on October 18,2003. She's 18 and pregnant with his baby.

    ---Kathleen Savio is found dead in her bathtub on March 1, 2004.

    ---10-17-2007 Stacey sends an email to her friend Steve Cesare stating that her marriage to Drew is "somewhat abusive".


    ---Sunday, Oct 28, 2007: Stacey goes missing. The last person to speak to her, other than her husband, is friend Bruce Zidarich. The conversation takes place over the cell phone at 10 AM. She makes tentative plans to paint a house with Bruce and her sister Cassandra Cales. Cassandra is unable to commit, and Bruce finally calls Stacey at 4PM to ask her if they can just paint tomorrow. He gets her voicemail.

    ---Cassandra Cales reports Stacy missing at 4 AM on Oct 29, 2007. She first goes to Downers Grove PD, who direct her to Bolingbrook PD. Within hours of the report being taken, Illinois State Police takes the lead in the missing person investigation.

    ---Nov 1st, 2007: Police execute the first of many search warrants at the Peterson residence. Cadaver dogs get a "hit" in the bedroom, and in one of the cars.
  15. ---10-17-2007 Stacey sends an email to her friend Steve Cesare stating that her marriage to Drew is "somewhat abusive".

    Okay, something wrong in the marriage definitely.

    --Nov 1st, 2007: Police execute the first of many search warrants at the Peterson residence. Cadaver dogs get a "hit" in the bedroom, and in one of the cars.

    Ummmmm... confirms my suspicions.