POlice Officer Arrested McDonald's Employee

  1. I read an article yesterday about a police officer who ttok an employee of McDonald's to jail over a salty hamburger. Apparently he went through the drive thru and ordered his food. He claims the hamburger was so salty that he got sick. At that point he went back, questioned her, and then took her to jail. The hamburger was sent tot he state crime lab for testing. How ridiculous is THAT?

  2. Well.. all I can say, only in the US...:rolleyes:
  3. :wtf:

    Absolutely ridiculous...
  4. As a criminal defense leaning lawyer, I'll be the first to say the police are totally out of control.
  5. Total abuse of power :tdown:
  6. Heh... i'm screwed. Sometimes I get coffee orders mixed up and what if a police officer ended up with a hazelnut latte instead of a pure one? Bah. Take it back and i'll refund it, no questions asked! I'd rather not be arrested, thank you very much.
  7. wow having a bad day much?

    That is just so stupid, must be a pretty quiet town what with not having and burgularies, murders, rapes etc to solve
  8. Why her? Isn't it the "fault" of those that are cooking (although I think this is just a police officer that's way out of hand)?

    I agree, total abuse of power. Completely unnecessary and a total waste of jail space.

  9. I live in Georgia and Union City is about 45 minutes from me. It is about 30 minutes from Atlanta. But I can assure you, this city is not a small town by any means. The police officer not only made his department look bad, he abused his power. All he had to do was to ask for a different sandwich. Shame on them for wasting tax payers money on frivolous cases. They could be catching real criminals rather than someone who seasoned your burger too much.

  10. Many people claim it is a racial issue. The police in that area are very bad because the areas is not exactly the best around Atlanta.
  11. :nogood: Only in America..
  12. Your tax dollars hard at work, folks!

  13. I agree ^^

    Abuse of power, waste of jail space, and just a complete waste of tax...
  14. I agree, only in the States!
    Jeez, this is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a while!
  15. This is just as bad as that judge who sued dry cleaners for losing his pants :tdown: