Polenta--recipe ideas?

  1. I have a huge sack of polenta in my kitchen, so I made a hugemongous pot of it last night. I think I did it right ... I cooked it, and then pretty much shaped it into a bread loaf. Now I can cut pieces of it ...

    But what should I serve it with? Veggies? Marinara sauce?

    I'm sorry to sound like such a novice ... my mom wasn't a very exotic chef, so basics like polenta are totally foreign to me!

  2. I'm from Nothern Italy, the polenta's homeland!:yes:

    My favourite is: simple yellow polenta in a bowl (very hot), slices of cheese (the best is our "stracchino" or "crescenza" or "certosino", but you can also use a sweet brie), and then other polenta to close the bowl. Wait for the cheese melting, then reverse on a plate: you have a little "polenta dome".
    Ok, now you can put on it ragù sauce (you know it? I'ts a sauce for pasta with tomatoes and meat) or simple tomato sauce heat up with olive oil & basil.

    Ah, in the second case, serve with roasted sausages!;)
  3. I agree with stephanie71 that italian is the way to go! I have made polenta before and sort of stacked it with eggplant or zucchini and then topped with fresh mozzarella over a red sauce and baked. It was delicious!
    I think you can also cut slices into sticks and lightly fry them in some olive oil...but, you might want to google a recipe if you choose to go that route.
  4. Can I come over for dinner? :drool:
  5. I'd look on Food Network's site and just search polenta. The lady on Everyday Italian uses polenta all the time.
  6. My favorite simple addition to dinner is to cut it into triangles (or any other shape, hah) and fry it in a saute pan of butter with lots of fresh sage! Cook it long enough to heat it, brown it a bit, and brown the butter a tad. Yum!
  7. I like to make my veggie tamale casserole with polenta.
    I cook up the polenta with milk not water and add a TON of shredded fresh parmesan to it as it's cooking.
    Then I layer about half of it inside a pyrex casserole dish and scoop in a mixture of kidney beans, olives, stewed tomatoes, jalapeno pepper slices, and MORE cheese and then top again with more polenta and then brown.
    It's really fabulous especially for when meat is just too darn heavy.
  8. you know what you could try it with....once you cook it with the boiled water and its warm ..put some in a bowl top it with butter milk, some salt, and minced garlic and it tastes pretty good. Thats one of the ways we eat palenta in Bosnia..
  9. What delicious ideas! I'll definitely try some ... I brought a slice with a sauce I made with swiss chard, tomatoes, big chunks of garlic, and berbere. Hopefully it's edible!

    Thanks again!

  10. You're all welcome! :yes::p

    Kitchen is one of my passions... do it for friends is wonderful!

    Can I gift you a virtual jar of my cookies (they were published by "La Cucina Italiana" 2 years ago... 2 pages of special about them!)?
  11. Follow Stephanie's advice: in Italy we call people from her part of the country "polentoni" :roflmfao:
    Goes a long way in telling you that they're the experts :okay:

  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: That's true!!!!
  13. Polentoni--good to know; thanks!
  14. Awww! That would be so sweet. :heart:Literally and figuratively. :girlsigh:
  15. Oh my that sounds delicious:tup: I have polenta in my pantry and I am going to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing:flowers: