Polar Heart Rate Monitor

  1. Does anyone have a Polar Heart monitor? I just bought one today for spin class. There are so many features I'm scared of it :wtf:

    Polar USA

    I can download my workouts to a website and keep track of my progress. It seems pretty cool, just hope I didn't buy one with too many bells and whistles.
  2. I have a very simple one--not all those features. I'm very low-tech tho, it's about all I can manage. I've been happy with mine--I think it's a good brand.
  3. You will love it! Once you get used to it you won't exercise without it again. I've used my for spin and it is fun to watch your rate fluctuate. Have fun - good purchase!
  4. I used it at spin last night. I can't believe I ever exercised without this thing. It's great! Still learning everything on it, but I love it so far.
  5. Glad you like it!! It really keeps me motivated. I even use it on walks with my dog. It is easy to start "slacking" on a walk.

    I actually have some workouts to do with your heart rate monitor. I can look for them or maybe you can look on the internet. There are 3 days of workouts: light, medium, hard. And you rotate through them. The light is just a constant low heartrate (around 140) for the entire workout. The other ones are intervals. You take your heart rate up to a high rate for a certain time then recover - then you do another interval. After you do it for awhile it is amazing how you can condition your heart. I got to the point where I could drop 30 beats in less than a minute when go from high to resting. That is one of the things they measure on a stress test - not just how long it takes you to reach a certain level but also the recovery. The quicker the recovery the better.

    Good luck!
  6. I'm in the market for one. I've been spinning forever w/out one, but know I should get one...this thing looks so complicated though!:wtf:
  7. I have one and use it when I'm training (not swimming though). I find them useful to make sure that I stay in zone. Sometimes when I tune out, that's when I slow down or go too fast or something. It helps focusing on the workout but sometimes, it also makes the workout feel longer. But the return is that you have a better idea of how hard you worked than guessing, so your calorie balance is more accurate! :yahoo:
  8. i have that one, it's great. i don't use it that much though, i should!