*Pokey* *Pokey*

  1. Did everyone go Hermes shopping? Or are you guys now happily in the Dreamland of the Orange Boxes?

    Wah, lonely here.:crybaby:
  2. Calm down woman!
  3. You'll find that Kelly real soon!
  4. Thanks Baggaholic! I'm just a bit depressed and upset (mainly family and SO). I think this calls for a trip to Hermes.
  5. Anything to go to Hermes hu,.. :graucho:
  6. Kou, I am sorry to hear you are not happy.

    Totally, off the topic, I brought my son to a nearby aquarium on Saturday (the day I bought my Bolide in retaliation for my husband's absence).

    I took my son on a ride on the sea-themed merry go round where my son decided to sit on a sea-horse. Next to it was a harp seal, and it immediately reminded me of you! :lol:
  7. I browsed the NM in Palo Alto yesterday. As usual, nothing interesting but they finally decided to bring the Hermes shoes downstairs to the Hermes "boutique". I think I caught shopmom's cashmere shawl bug (solids only) but when I got to the store, they didn't have a single one! Almost everytime I'm there, they have solid shawls and now that I'm looking for one--nada! I'm also looking for a nice Hermes hat! All they had were orange microfiber hats, though.
  8. Oh, I have the shawl bug too! Next item to purchase!!
  9. OT - go to SF, girl! Shopmom sad thay had a good selection!!
    I'm afraid to look at those shawls for obvious reasons... :smile:
  10. Hiya GT, I'm hoping to go this weekend but I'm not sure. I don't even know which color to get but when you mentioned chocolate brown to me, it got me thinking...

    Anyone like their 54" cashmere/silk shawls? I have 2 but don't wear them as often as I should.
  11. Hey OT, I'll be there on Saturday so if you see someone with a blue Evelyne it's probably me. :lol: Oh an I love the silk/cashmere shawls. So pretty! :girlsigh:
  12. darling i KNOW there is a little star at the end of the horizon waiting for youy. ead up high my dear :smile:
  13. ;) Kou, have you visited the local store yet to look at that black croc with diamonds? take a peek at it ...and maybe a ostrich delivery will be there at the same time!;)
  14. *wakes up* Did someone say cashmere shawl?
  15. YUP!!!!! And they are beauties! Nice and thick with self-fringe on the ends....in THE most devine colors.

    OT - they have them in the scarf drawer at H in SF. But these are not the cashmere/silk one....they're the full-on stoles you would replace your pashmina with. Last time I was there they had one more Chocolate, a pretty pale blue, black of course, pale pink (loved this one too) and cream. Price is $880.00. I swear, OT, you won't regret buying one!