Tech Pokemon go

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  1. I know this is nuts, but has anyone actually played it?! It's everywhere!
  2. No I've not played it and do not intend to since I'm not into games/gaming.

    I just read that a Singaporean woman wants this app banned in Singapore because "“Pokemon Go should not be played at certain locations for reasons of public safety and human decency." She sounds like so much fun....
  3. I do play it and it is addicting, especially if you are a collector. With over 250 Pokemon at this moment and probably more coming. It can be tedious and it might not be as fun later on. I heard people stop playing within a week
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  4. Accidents and incidents that occur while playing this game is part of morning news now... the madness.. if its for exercise, the Pokemon should show úp when I'm on the treadmill hehe
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  5. I installed it so my daughter could play it, then started playing it myself while she does things. It's something fun we can do together. Not complicated, and gives us an excuse to be out and about walking around.
  6. I agree with the walking! But the higher up you level, the more points you need. For example, 19 is 25,000, 20 is 50,000 and I heard 25 is 500,00
  7. Yes I LOVE Pokemon Go!! I've been waiting for the game since the rumors first popped up about the game. I have always been a HUGE fan of Pokemon since I was little, so I was super excited to be able to play something like that on my phone. I've been walking a lot!

    I'm pretty familiar with the game and am a huge lover of Pokemon since the early days so if anyone has questions on things they don't understand feel free to ask!

    Happy catching!
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  8. I was so excited to here about this since I've always liked pokemon and I've played many of the nintendo games in the past.
    I've started to play it, but it's so difficult for me to catch pokemon because my U.S. phone doesn't get all the wi-fi in Korea. I have a Korean phone and I want to install the app on it, however I can't find it on google play.....
  9. I know iPhone, you can change the region, so I think google play have something similar. Also there's a few tutorials our there that help with those things
  10. I love seeing others play it at the mall! Haha. It's fun seeing someone at LV/H/Tiffany and they're shopping and catching Pokemon haha.
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  11. I'm playing it's fun. We live in the city so I'm always out walking place to place anyways, so it's fun to stop and get stuff at the pokestops and look for Pokemon. It was frustrating the first few days because it would get stuck when I was trying to catch certain Pokemon. It's gotten better now and my husband and I both play.
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  12. I've been playing. I told my husband he's turned me into a pokemonster. Passes the time and is a good way to alleviate stress.

    For as much as there's bad publicity, there's a lot of cool stuff that's happening too. Not just the news-worthy stuff like animals being rescued or children with autism becoming more social, but seeing families out and about playing it (with both younger kids and twenty-something kids with their parents), people interacting who were too shy to do so, and people coming together.
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  13. I play it. When it first came out, I was one of the naysayers,but now it's like everything else that you need to enjoy responsibly.
  14. I have to roll my eyes at the negative Nancy's that are appalled that this makes people go outside and meet up. They're appalled that this is getting people out and active and exploring. How silly of a game!

    Yeah. I had a small mom and pop shop say that about Pokemon go players as I had my game open ready to buy an item.

    Didn't buy from them and when they saw my phone open (gotta get those steps!) they suddenly became super sweet. That's just rude.

    I like the stores that put the lures out so you'll come visit them. I went to another shop and visited them, now I know where to get home made cards lol. And I go to coffee shops with lures too.
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  15. They just had their update and I like that it gives a warning when you open the app:lol: