POINTY WARS! Anybody interested?

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  1. Hi all -

    Just wondering. Me and my co-worker (Priscilla) have this like little "friendly competition" going to see who can wear the highest pointiest heels - and get the most attention. Mostly we do it just to make the (sometimes REALLY boring) workday go a little faster.

    Would any of you girls like to hear more about it?

  2. me because im sooooo bored right now and i could use a little 'friendly' competiton to have with my girls in school lol
  3. ahhh I could never win a pointy war......lol

    and yeah go ahead i'm here bored at work as well..........and fridays always feel like forever
  4. lol i love my high pointeys id beat anygirl in school hehe! (baring in mind my 6th form only has about 60 girl lol)
  5. That sounds like fun...lol I would like to hear more about it and how high are the heels going to be?
  6. I would love to see pictures of the shoes you girls are wearing!
  7. Yes but the challenge must be real life pictures on their feet- otherwise I am not going to believe that they really can walk in those things.:angel:
  8. I remember your Pointy Wars thread from the old Luxury Fashion forum!
  9. Did you enjoy it? Would you like me to do it again?

  10. ^You'd take someones eye out with those!!! LOL
  11. I think you are so right and I HAVE GOT TO get several pair of those! Love those toes! Thank you so much for posting that site!

  12. Yeow! Those are crazy!:P
  13. ^ whoa, those are deadly weapons there!
  14. Me too! :flowers:
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