Pointy Toes Back in Style for Fall?

  1. Hi,

    Been going to a LOT of malls lately (my guy and his football, sigh!) and I'm seeing more and more new pointy toe styles coming out. I must say I LOVE it since this is my favorite style - and I was so afraid it was going to be "out".

    What style will you be wearing this fall / winter?

  2. I Love Love Love Pointy Shoes And Will Never Give Them Up!!!! Who Cares If They Are "in" (which They Still Are) If You Love What You Are Wearing And Feel Good, You Will Always Look Classic And Together
  3. I don't think these shoes will ever be "out."

    They're not the favored (ie trendy) shoe of the season but who cares?

    I'll still be wearing pointy toe stilettos! I'm also wearing over the knee boots a lot too.
  4. I don't think pointy toe shoes will go out of style, but they sometimes take back seat to other in styles, like round toe or square toe or chunky platforms.
  5. pointy shoes are always going to be in..well, depending on the colour. if it's hot pink, navy, grey or purple, it may only last a season or two..but black will always be there.
    i'll be wearing mine this fall :smile:
  6. I adore pointy toed shoes but sadly it just doesn't work for me with my (whine! whine!) wide feet. I always have to go up a half size and with a pointy toed style it's too long and silly looking.

    So, I stick with rounded toe or even sqaure toed, which aren't super hot right now but back in the day they were and they are great for my feet. I really struggle with comfort vs. staying in fashion with shoes and boots...
  7. I love pointy shoes and think they are a fashion staple. :yes: You can practically wear them with anything! I have at least 7-8 pairs (most of them black but all unique either showing toe cleavage or has some color/strap on ranging from my beloved Jimy Choos to BCBG) and often pair them with jeans and a fitted blazer to dress up the outfit (year round) or with a sleeveless top+cardigan and shorts (in the summer).
  8. No offence, but I really don't think they're 'in' this season (or next) and they really don't go with any of the key looks.

    Rounder/almond toed shoes, or boots, with flat, or tapered chunky heels look far more modern, IMO.
  9. I think pointy shoes will always be a good staple piece. I try not to invest in a bunch of stuff that is too trendy or seasonal. I have a lot of rounded toe shoes as well. I guess it just depends on what the shoe specifically looks like.