pointy shoe attraction?

  1. Well I didn't want to hijack the other thread, but I've always wondered what the attraction is to pointy shoes? I feel kind of silly for even asking but that has been plagueing my mind for quite some time! I've sometimes tried them on, but I have no pointy shoes at all. I'd just like someone to tell me the attraction of pointy shoes, so that maybe I can see a different side. Maybe even turn into a convert one day. My bf even tells me when I try them on they make me look like an elf or an old woman lol and it doesn't look flattering to me anyway.

    And then in some threads I notice some women saying it's sexy but I can't understand it at all. Most guys I know also say they don't like pointy toes so it just puzzles me.

    No offense of course to anyone who likes pointy shoes, but I've always wanted to know! I don't even have any friends who like pointy shoes. My age range is in the 20s, I don't know if maybe age has something to do about it?
  2. I grew up in the 80's when pointy toed stilettos were allllll the rage. I always tried on my mom's and I couldn't wait to wear them. By the time I was old enough to wear heels it was the 90's and big chunky square toed platforms were in. When pointy toed stilettos came back in style I was sooooooooo happy, because they look so much more feminine. They also elongate the leg and make feet look smaller. I also love round-toed pumps, but IMO pointy toes look better on me :shrugs:
  3. Yes I love pointy toed shoes (though I have all types) I just feel they make a statement and look elegant. But I'm sure my background (growing up in Boston) might have something to do with that, as I frequently saw business women (and other important types) wearing this style. For me, round toed shoes seem more casual... ps I'm also in my twenties!
  4. Thanks for your replies! It helped give me some insight.

    For me, shoes like http://forum.purseblog.com/christian-louboutin-shoes/cl-som1-patent-leather-pump-223-saks-232828-3.html are the farthest I'd go into pointy toe territory (at least for this point in my life). I kinda fear the point toes a tripping hazard :graucho: and definitely for the more extreme pointy shoes, unsuitable for dancing!

    For me, I've always seem rounded shoes as normal and it sort of normalizes the front of my toes. My toes don't really form an angle and are rather rectangle like. Plus I have wider feet, so maybe that has something to do with it? It just seems rather uncomfortable too for some reason.
  5. Pointed toes are supposed to make your leg look longer and thinner. I think they're sexy though! (I'm 30) I love love love a pointed toe, stiletto heel black boot.
  6. I completely understand why you're asking! I was a teenager when pointy toes started coming in again in the 90's and I thought they looked like witch shoes! I know they're supposed to elongate the leg and all but I still feel ridiculous whenever I've tried on a pair. Most guys I know don't like the pointy toe either.
  7. I'm a fan! They're really big in Japan so seeing a wider selection helped me pick pairs I really enjoyed instead of just the plain pointy pump (argh still looking for the perfect pair of those hehehe :biggrin:)
  8. I just like the way they look. I also often feel more comfortable with a pointy toe than a rounded toe because my toes seem to jam up against a rounded toe more.
  9. I think they're really classy and stylish. They make a plain old shirt and jeans look sexier automatically.
  10. i love pointy shoes, i think it looks more classy and sophisticated. Round toes seems more casual to me. i wear round toe with jeans when i feel like dressing down and i wear pointy shoes with jeans when i feel like dressing up.
  11. You don't wear pointy toed shoes? That's such a relief to hear. I think they're a terribly cliched shoe. They can be cute, but everyone wears them and they often make feet look long, which isn't attractive. CL does amazing pointy toes; his aren't long, they're just pointed.
  12. ^ I love the CL ones. I have a pair of decolettes and they don't make my feet look like clown feet. :amuse:
  13. ^ :yes: When they're pointy, but not long and pointy, they actually make feet look smaller IMO. I have small feet for my height so I don't have to worry about having clown feet, but I do steer clear of pointy shoes that look elf-y.

    I love round toed shoes too, but I honestly hope square toes never come in style again. They were so uncomfortable and they made everyone's legs look soooo stubby :s...
  14. I'm kinda glad now that I heard the side that agreed with me too. It's nice to hear both sides. I thought I was the only one who couldn't see the attractiveness in a pointy too. I thought they would make my feet look big. Im a size 7 and my feet are wide so I can't imagine it being too comfortable for me.

    I think perhaps I'm not seeing good enough examples irl of the pointy toe being done correctly. To me, it makes the feet look really big and long. A little point looks ok to me but then you have the women who wear the ones that hang at least 3 inches away from their toe which looks rather unflattering to me.

    I guess I'll keep trying and maybe it'll click with me one day when I find one that looks good on me!
  15. For anyone who still wonders what the attraction of pointy toe shoes are, try this:
    Put on a pair of slim pants and on one foot a round toed pump, then the other a nice pointy toed pump. Look at each leg individually...you will look considerably taller and slimmer with the foot in the pointy toed pump. It really makes a huge difference!