Pointy Flats

  1. Looking for a cute pair of pointy flat boots for the fall. Any recommendations?

    Also, anyone know of any designers like Siegerson Morrison? The shoes are fab, the prices not so nice on my student's budget...
  2. ^ I bought a pair of Dru boots from p45 in chicago. Go to their website and look at the second pic for designer Dallin Chase. Those are the boots. They were about 350 and totally cute.
  3. MIA makes some cute pointy-toe flats. Real leather, good quality and CHEAP.
  4. So does Kenneth Cole Reaction. I got a darling pair for about $20. at Ross. Marshall's has a great shoe dept. now, try there.
  5. I have a pair of of MIA flats that use to get me tons of compliments :tup:but they aren't that comfortable:tdown:. Maybe I'm just so used to wearing heels that flats bother me. My Tory Burch's are more comfortable but that may be b/c it's shape isn't so structured.

    Here's a link to my MIAs : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FNSGJ4/ref=olp_product_details/103-2132365-1927004?ie=UTF8&seller=
  6. I bought some Mee Too flats at Nordstrom. They cost about $60-80. They are very comfortable with a lot of cushioning. They just don't have great arch support if you need it. I really need it for flats and even most tennis shoes don't do it for me. Zappos had them too.

  7. Believe it or not, Easy Spirit has a couple of great, well priced pairs- I'm totally into this equestrian inspired pair- not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but so perfect for fall in brown with skirts and dresses.
  8. I just saw that you said boots. Anyway, MIA has pointy flats boots, too. These are called the Caravan boot; they're on sale now for ~$80. The top part can be folded down, too. The leather MIA shoes I've had in the past took some breaking in, but they ended up being sooo comfy. They last forever, too. [​IMG]
  9. :shame:Oops! I guess I overlooked the "boots" part of your post as well! Good luck on your hunt and please post pics when you find your dream pair of pointy flat BOOTS
  10. Opps I did too. Report makes some that are cheap. I know Nordstrom sells them and I think Zappos does too.

    Fry has some cute flat and kitten heel boots with a rounded pointy toe. Again Zappos and Nordstrom were selling them. They aren't cheap but probably half price or more of the sigerd morrison shoes and are good quality boots.