Pointu suggestions please!!

  1. The age old question.... what can I buy today???

    Well, I was thinking that I may be ready to experiment with big girl scarves, but then thought it may be better to start out with a pointu. You ladies know me so well, so I was hoping that you could help me choose my first pointu.

    I am thinking a black (stop sniggering!) colorway but am open to other colors. I would love some suggestions and please post pics if you have any.

    I am at the ice rink, so I am stuck doing 'virtual shopping' today so please help......:heart:
  2. i love the pink one someone posted the other day. i thought it was stunning. and it's a great size. i thought i should start with one of those too but the sale got me hooked on the big sized ones. i hope i can figure out how to wear them. lol
  3. ^^^ I had a really hard time keeping my hands off the big ones at the sale....but I am not ready yet....
  4. I find the pointu to be really cool tied to a bag too. A different twist on the traditional twilly...
  5. I use my fuchsia Ex Libris pointu as a belt. I fold it to the size of the belt loops around my jeans and then just tie it on. Because there isn't as much material as a regular scarf, it doesn't get bulky at all.
  6. Gazoo, Tamarind do you have pics of your pointus?
  7. Here's a few ROSE......I love them and only have two so far.....

    The orange/black one I'm wearing is called "Boite au Vol"
    And the brown/white one is called "Ex Libres"
    _MG_2780scarf3.jpg _MG_2980scarfpointu.jpg
  8. Ah, thank you shopmom.......'Ex Libres'!!!!! LOVE IT!! that's the one Neeya has as well. I wonder if it available in black.
  9. Wow shopmom those are stunning!
  10. I have one in beige :heart:

    I saw it in orange colorway when I was in the store...no black (yet).
  11. No picture...but my Ex Libres pointu looks just like Shopmom's just in fuchsia instead of brown.
    I like this design a lot. Very simple and easy to wear.
  12. Ladies, thank you!!

    I am on the hunt......black Ex Libres pointu for me!

    Please let me know if you spot one anywhre, thanks!
  13. billbill, lovely, great modeling shots too.
  14. FOUND ONE :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :wlae: