Pointu - ribbon design on scarf

  1. Hi there pointu-scarf enthusiasts !

    I have a beautiful dark blue/green/lime ribbon design pointu that I purchased last year. The design was a presentation of loosly entangled hermes signature ribbon.

    Is this a variation of a design that H comes out with each year? ?
    Just wondering because I went to H to purchase another, and she showed me a different design which I did not love. It looked like the ribbons were in a basket weave.

    If you have pics of previous ribbon designs could you post? I would love to see a few other designs. I just love the ribbons !
    (I will post the one I just described when I am back to my regular computer thx)
  2. My ONe Pintu Is Ex-Libres (I'll Try & Get A Pic...A Little Latter)....I Believe The Pointu Is The Updated Ribbons Pointu As They Did With The Twillies. Could This Be Similar To The New Design (But In Twilly Version):

    ***Sorry The Picture Isn't Clearer....This Was A Picture Of A Very Sweet Gift!!!!!
  3. The design you have and love is called Bolduc - I have no idea what it means! Like you I prefer the looser design to the dense basketweave. Bolduc has been around for quite some time - it seems to be reissued in the pointu every year at the moment but things change. It has been available in the gavroches as well.
  4. Here is the Bolduc that the thread refers to . . .also Les Tambours, thanks for the info!
  5. It's called Bolduc, and the one in the basket weave is called Bolduc au carre. I prefer the Bolduc without basket weave too.
  6. bolduc is French for ribbon ie the bron ribbon used on their packages

  7. to my knowledge they have done 2 bolducs designs - with the ribbons in straight line (called Bolduc) and with woven ribbons (Bolduc au carre)

  8. are you looking to buy some more but in different colours?

    if you are, some stores (say airports) may still have them ...
  9. did you search the forum for pointu pics?

    this past fall, pointu was available in Bolduc, Plumes, and Pani la Sha Pawnee

    in other seasons, it was avail in Regarde Paris, Ex Libris, en Discorde, Les parisians, Tout en Carre. Did you go to the Wall St H? They have a nice selection of pointu at the moment.
  10. yeah, I think I'll hunt around,
    I think they're just fab.
    I find myself loving the bloduc design.
  11. The bolduc pochettes were plentiful last year & available at good prices some of the cws

    white field, hot pink, turq, green bolducs
    red field orange bolducs
    lt blue field, blue green bolducs

    I stocked up on them & have pix, if you pm me