Points or Strappy - which do you prefer?

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  1. To me the answer is obvious from looking at this photo - points all the way! What do you think?

    points or strappy.JPG
  2. according to that photo, definitely the strappy.

    for me personally, I have no luck with strappy so generally I like to wear pumps. Luckily I dont wear bathing suits that often so it works out.
  3. Where are their clothes?

    As for the shoes, with that "outfit" the pointed pumps look odd but I personally prefer the pointed ones with a normal outfit
  4. I like pointies but not if they are too pointy like on the pic. I love strappies with dresses
  5. I like both but not when wearing swim wear!
  6. in that photo i prefer the strappy, the points are too pointy. but generally i would prefer points, i think they look sexier.
  7. I usually prefer strappy, but I don't really like either of these shoes. Sorry!
  8. I like both..I don't own many strappy sandals and only 1 pair of pointy shoes.....I absolutely hate when the point is too long though.
    I think both the shoes in that pic are horrible, those girls need to put on some clothes lol!
  9. Like comparing apples to oranges...
  10. Pointy shoes look ridiculous to me when they are pointy enough that a person can see them extending an inch or more past the end of the foot. It looks clownish to me.

    And both of these "outfits" are questionable, but with any sort of swimwear pointy shoes smack of desperation. Sandals go with swimwear (even though high-heeled sandals may not always be the best choice).
  11. From looking at these photos... NEITHER.

    I like pointy toes but not so long like the ones in the photo.
  12. Strappy is better. The pointy doesn't go with the skimpy outfits.