Points and patterned hose - tres sexy?

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  1. I think patterned hose look so sexy with points sometimes. Here's a photo of my latest. Sorry its so dark - Im not exactly a pro photographer - LOL ... but tell me girls. Do you like this look? Is it too sexy or not?

    Oh yeah - and do you like the stacked heels look?
    Andreas texto points1.JPG Andreas texto points2.JPG
  2. Love those heels, but then again I love all of your heels. I think the hose are a bit much for me, I'm more of a plain (read: boring) hose gal.;)
  3. very nice
  4. I like it. Patterned hose looks great with simple points.
  5. Love the stacked heel!!
  6. I think that's a *fab* look! I love patterned hose, and always end up buying whenever I see cool ones. (My underwear drawer is overflowing with funky fishnets and whatnot, even though I only wear skirts maybe once every 2 weeks or so.) Also, I might add, those shoes are killer!

    Another look I love is the seamed pantyhose with stilettos. It's pretty sexy, and definitely not an everyday look. (Especially in my super-casual, jeans-and-tees office.) But I love it when I go out -- soooo hot!
  7. I love it, but i think it depends on what your wear with it. Like, if your skirt is any shorter than knee length, I would mistake you for a hooker LOL. But knee length or around there, sexy, but not too sexy!