Pointies with pants?

  1. Does anybody else LOVE this look?
    super pointy with pants.JPG
  2. I love the look, that is something like what I have on today but I have on wide legged trousers. I always wear pointy toe shoes, so I don't see nothing wrong with it.
  3. I like the look, although those are a little too pointy for my taste.
  4. those are gorgeous pointies. i love the pointies peakin' out under pants look...the pointy-stiletto combo is even hotter (and well known as very flattering to the leg!)..
  5. It looks sexy!! I need to get shoes like those!
  6. Love it!
  7. Looks hot! :smile:
  8. I love pointies with pants - I call them the power getup! (Because if anyone tries to be funny... here comes the tip of my shoe! :graucho::roflmfao:)
  9. i like the look too:yes:
  10. Ditto:yes:
  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
  12. LMAOOOOOOO! :roflmfao: That ish was funny, Py!