Pointie's collection of the precious ones!

  1. Yep, I am obsessed.

    Here's my LVs, featuring the big momma Damier Greenwich GM.
    LVFamily.jpg Damier Greenwich.jpg
  2. Love them all, especially the yellow epi!
  3. And some Balenciagas -- two City, one Twiggy, and and old zippy first
    balenciaga twiggy.jpg balenciagacity.jpg brownbbag.jpg bbagfirst.jpg
  4. My friendly Fendis!
    fendi black.jpg fendi selleria.jpg
  5. The lovely, subtle and versatile Tanner Krolle Sam Brown bucket.
  6. Thanks Jen! LV is my main arm candy, but we're not monogamous:rolleyes:
  7. My two rockin' Marc Jacobs shoulder bags, both taking a rest in storage.
    jacobs 2.jpg jacobs.jpg
  8. I love your LVs. Such a unique, beautiful collection.
  9. i love your damier pieces....
  10. Gorgeous collection! Love all the LVs.
  11. oh wow! I love your collection, especially the damier!
  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: Especially the Bal zippy first!!!!!!!!:heart: That is HOT!!!!!!!
  13. very classic collection!
  14. Lovely collection! :biggrin:
  15. me_, moo, zacorey, new, coach... thanks so much for your kind words! more to come.

    zac -- that was my first BBag. I so love Balenciagas in black!