Pointed Toe Question -

  1. I have a friend who asked me this question this morning - I have worn pointy toe high heels for years and never had this problem. Can one of you offer her any advice, please?

    " Is there anything out there that can prevent your toenails pushing in your skin when you wear the pointed tip high heel shoes? I got an ingrown nail on my big toe and it cost me what i would love to spend some MANOLO'S! Can I get some help on this problem? "
  2. I have never had this problem before. Perhaps your friend's toenails are too long, or her shoes too small?
  3. maybe she should go up 1/2 size in the pointies, that's what I do, and I have never had a toenail problem
  4. I just don't wear pointy toed shoes. I wear round toe and whenever possible, platform.

    I don't have ingrown toe-nails but I do have long toes (around 2 inches in length) and most pointy toed shoes just don't work with my toes. Even if I size up, my feet get pushed down and my toes get stuck up front because of the slope of the heel. Those insert things help a little to keep from slipping but ultimately I end up adjusting the shoes on my feet and it's annoying.
  5. I've never had that problem but I don't let my toenails grow too long. A lot of people who do pedicures seem to want to let them grow longer than I feel comfortable with so I'll often cut them myself before getting a pedicure.
  6. I totally agree with the other ladies... the one time I ever had a problem with pointy toe shoes was because I had let my toes go way too long without a pedicure. I really think that might be the issue... or then again, maybe she just wasn't built for those shoes.
  7. keep nails trimmed short and rounded on the edges
  8. sorry this happened to her, it hurts it happened to me before when I was very young. Tell her to go up half a size and keep her nails trimmed short but I am pretty sure you need to keep the edges square not round. correctme if I am wrong.