Pointed, Round, or Square Toe ??

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  1. My Preferences are pointed toes with shoes and boots, I have a few cute pairs of boots with squared toes.

    How about you, what do you prefer ?
  2. I only like round toes.
  3. Since I'm short (5'1") I prefer a pointed toe. It elongates the body. It gives the illusion of height.
  4. i love pointed toe since i'm petite.
  5. depends on what I'm wearing them with
  6. I like round toes, although I'm slowly coming over to the pointed toe side. I finally found a pointed toe I liked and bought them in every color. Of course, I never wear them, but they're very purty sitting in my closet. I personally can't stand square toes, but maybe I just haven't found the right pair. :biggrin:
  7. Pointed is my preference, but I also like a round toe on the right pair of shoes.
  8. I prefer pointed but I don't mind round toe shoes. I dislike square toe!!
  9. I like them all. I have shoes in all three shapes, but I think i wear the square-ish and round toe shoes the most for casual wear. I love the look of my pointy toe shoes, but I only wear them when I know I won't need to walk much or run around.
  10. i prefer a round toe
  11. I like round.The pointy one always look so dangerous to me.
  12. I like both round and pointed. Never really got into square.
  13. Pointed and rounded. I had one square pair that were comfy, but did not quite work well.
  14. I prefer pointy since they make the legs look longer...can be a pain though sometimes.
  15. Pointed :love:
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