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  1. Those are kind of cute in a little girl sort of way!
  2. cute my daughter would luv these
  3. It reminds me of some bags I've seen from Avon...
  4. Colors are Kate Spade but the construction of the bags is supposedly nice.
  5. Actually they remind me of Lilly Pulitzer, and Le Sportsac too.
  6. I love these kind of purses. I tend to keep my clothes pretty basic so I just love having bags with all sorts of colorful patterns.
  7. These are really cute, I just saw them for the first time tonight. I'm fighting with myself to not get them as an impulse buy, lol.

    These are my favorites -
  8. co-sign.
  9. I have the purse in the first picture in the green and brown pattern. So cute.
  10. I have three of these now. They are extremely well constructed, and they hold up great. I did scotchguard my fabric ones to protect them. The linings are real cute contrasts to the bag.
    I really want a medic - don't know why I've held out. Seems all I tend to get is the scoop or maison.