poeple magazine and lv

  1. i don't know of this was posted and if it was i apologize.

    did anyone see the latest people mag with the article about people who transfer addicitons. anyway the pic of her is with 3 lv bags and i think 2 of them are fake. did anyone see it? are they? they're both speedys i think.
  2. Yes, I saw it! At first, I thought that the first woman had an addiction for buying fake bags but the article doesn't mention anything about an obsession with replicas. It only mentions her shopping addiction. By-the-way, they're very gross fakes. :yucky:
  3. i thought so, right? omg i was like "she spent a fortune on fake bags? that poor thing!"
  4. ewww... I glad I didn't see that article. Why spend a fortune on fakes anyway?
  5. I saw it too - I thought they were fake - weird.
  6. lol I wanted to post this too it says that the woman made 15,000 in debt after her bypass surgerry but how can you get in that much debt by buying Fake bags lol unless she got scamed by eBay and they also had a pic of naomi cambel with her hermes bag and it says it's ralph lauren lol those ppl at that magazine need to get informed...
  7. why do they keep doing these articles on people who buy fake bags and they pretend that they are real. wouldn't you just be mortified to have your fakes bags in print across the world??

    Can we seepics anyone??
  8. no... i didn't see it, but ewww! gross buying FAKES!:push:
  9. whoa! i missed that!
  10. I thought something was wrong with my eyes but silly me I got sidetracked and the only thing I was thinking was how the heck did she only acquire 3 bags if she really had an addiction?
  11. They were horrible fakes! EWWWWWW:throwup:
  12. Hmm. I don't recall.
  13. ^^ me too! :biggrin:
  14. Is this magazine still on the store shelves? I need to check it out.

    Or, can anyone scan the pic for us?
  15. Ooh poor women, she might be didn't realize she ashame herself :s