1. does anyone have one of those pod thingys? i guess its like a change purse. i want one, but im not sure how big they are. does anyone have any pictures of one?
  2. Here's one that shows the size of Rogue Escape Pods on a variety of bags:


    And here's a pic that shows the Balenciaga Planets compared to Coin Purses:


    Both Pods and Planets are approximately the same size, but most Pods are single sided.
  3. ^^ thanks. i was actually visiting your website and saw those. thats what made me make this thread. also, are the pods done by balenciaga or not???
  4. No, the pods in the first picture are handmade by a woman named Rogue, those are her escape pods (and they are fantastic, I have two). The second picture are the Balenciaga made (but discontinued, rare, and usually more expensive than retail) ones, they're called planets (or boobies), not pods.
  5. I so wanted a boobie but the Rogue pods are just so cute and handcrafted, I'm getting me a pod! Can't beat that deal, just have to decide on which one.
  6. I'm sorry, but I saw those pods and they looked like two diaphragms put together :wtf: ... I don't think I could get over that! (Can you tell I used to teach Sex. ed programs! :p)
  7. Diaphragms--LOL!

    They would be perfect to carry my Jawbone so it doesn't get tossed around in my purse.