Pods - who knows the history?

  1. I just received my Rogue Escape Pod accessory for my bbag. It is a cool snake wrapped around an egg.

    Who knows the history of these items? From what I can glean, they were first made my someone else, years ago and now are made in Ireland. That is about all I know...not much, eh? :nogood:

    Do the old ones have the same shape? Did I see they were called planet boobies or something like that? :confused1:

    Whoever knows the story...please post.

  2. I am clueless to the history of the pods, but I do know the ones sold by Balenciaga are called Planets. I was wondering myself when the first Planet was offered by Bal, when were they discontinued, and what was the retail cost? I have heard the planets called boobies too.


    But aren't the pods flat on one side? The Planet is the same on both sides with zippers and rounded compartments. Each compartment is seperate.
  3. I believe, but am not sure that the original retail cost was 280.00.

    As far as I know about the pods, was that Rogue has always made them. I have two of some that were sold on the Atelier Naff site. I also recently bought one from realdealcollection that were made by her.
  4. Planets are a Balenciaga accessory - started in maybe 2004, with the aviator stuff? And discontinued in 05? I can't remember - tooshies would probably know. ;) The pods are hand-made by an artist in Ireland who is also on PF (friponne). They were inspired by the planets but are single-sided (though she's made a couple of doubles just to see how it's done). She made the first ones just for fun and sent me a photo, and I loved them and posted them on my blog, and she made about 20 to sell... and then they just exploded! Now they're sold at realdealcollection.com and on eBay occasionally.
  5. Louisey i think your camel leather Planet from the Aviator collection was the inspiration (wasn't that one single sided?) Rogue wanted one for her Aviator and so she fashioned her own. I think they get better with every batch, i :heart: pods, and Rogue is a genius!
  6. Are they a lot harder to make double-sided? Just wondering why she doesn't make those.
  7. I wish that there could be some more carp skin Rogue Pods. They look amazing!
  8. Your're right, LP!!

    Planets were first introduced in FW04 together with the Aviator collection, to hook onto the helmet bags they produced.
    And they were discontinued in 05SS, I believe.

    They were double-sided, and they retailed for $285, if I remember correctly.

    As for Rouge Pods, the first time I've seen one was on LP's site.
  9. :tup:
    Thanks LP and tooshies for the history on them! I love my BG Pink Planet, but I have to say I think the ones friponne makes with one side flat actually makes more sense for hanging on handbags. They have to lay much better that way! At least Balenciaga made the Planets in BG Pink before discontinuing them, or I might never have tried them!

    OT.....:crybaby:I feel the loss of your site many times a day LP! Nothing could ever compare!!!! :crybaby:
  10. My problem with the one-sided pod is that it often ends up flipping to the side with nothing on it. I guess I need to buy one of her newer ones that has the design on both sides!! ;)
  11. :p
    See that! These are the little things one never knows unless they try something out themselves, or has some awesome pf friends to enlighten us! Thanks ff!!!
  12. I love my rogue pods!!:heart::heart: I recently bought a yellow and purple one which are very pretty! I have always loved the planet/boobie but I like the fact that the pods are one sided as I find they sit better on the bag compared to the double sided planet/boobie!

    First pic shows my: black, ivory, indigo pods + yellow, purple, floral, bright blue pods
    Purple group pic shows my: purple pod with violet coin purse and eggplant mini classique! It matches up perfectly with both colours!:love:
    pod-and-boobies.jpg pod-triplet.jpg podfamily1.jpg purple-paradise1.jpg
  13. The Balenciaga Planets were made until at least S/S '06 since I have a Lilac one and have seen them in Ink, Cornflower and such. The retail was $285 when I bought a Turquoise one in 2005.

    I love the Rogue Escape Pods and am happy to help them find homes. I had one on my bag when I went to BalNY and the SA even thought it was a Balenciaga product that I customized ;o) They work so well together!

    The best use for the Balenciaga Planets and double sided Pods IMO is as strap extenders because then it doesn't matter how they roll around. They are perfect for creating that longer drop on a First bag, plus it gives you a place to stash little things.