1. Please may I ask what may seem to all you Ladies a daft question?:blush:

    What is the 'podium' when people refer to special orders?

    I appreciate that if you want a regular Birkin you butter up the SA and she/he uses their disgression and you get put on the wait list, but is the 'podium' something to do with special orders only?:wondering

  2. If you are looking for a particular color/leather/hardware combination that the boutique will not be receiving for the year, then the manager can order your wish at the Podium and hopefully, your choice is going to be offered. The Podium happens twice a year ... January/February and July.
  3. Many thanks LaVan.
    Still don't understand what is the podium?
    Is it a meeting or what?

  4. Yeah, the store manager go there to the Podium to discuss the orders for the boutiques and which leathers, colors (new and old) are available ... or if there are new models.
  5. Like a meeting. All of the managers come to Paris to "lobby" for what their customers want. What I wouldn't give to see this in person!
  6. ^^me too! I'm really curious how they fight it out!!!
  7. Can we appoint someone from here to go to the podium for us? :graucho: Greentea? La Van?
  8. HEHE - I would if I could!!
  9. Asking this on behalf of the friend who supposedly had a special order going in back in February. The store said that they tried to place the SO at Podium but was told to place it at store level. So after the Podium that was what they did. However she was told that they have to hear back from the headquarter before it's known for certain whether the order is placed. So 5 months passed by and there were no "nay" or "yay" and my friend was told that they would re-submit the order at the Podium again.

    Her question is that is she supposed to be notified whether the order has been accepted? Her previous answers had always been "we don't know", is that possible? Also, if the SO is accepted at Podium, is the manager supposed to know how long it'll take or is it going to be another "I don't know"? She's called the store twice already asking if they've heard from the manager about it but both times was told that there had been no news (as in manager called the store but didn't mention anything about special order's status). My friend is going batty over this, she wanted closure

    Can someone advise? TIA:flowers:
  10. Thanks Greentea ..............it makes more sense now:yes:

    Like you I'd love to be a fly on that wall:whistle:
  11. Are all the managers back from the Podium already? I thought this is a two-week deal? I asked my SA about it and she said she has no idea when the manager is coming back.
  12. Handbags at dawn? :roflmfao: