Podium Orders

  1. So have any of you fine people heard back if their podium orders were accepted?

    I didnt order anything....but I asked for a GM (large) picotin in barenia...so I hope that was taken.

    Still waiting on my fall podium order placed...should be in the next several months or so I hope.
  2. Yes, I have heard back, yes it was accepted, but I am not telling..... I'll surprise you ladies when it arrives!
  3. good! I have mention what mine will be for fall that was placed at the last but I will keep my lips a little sealed so its a surprise when the box comes.
  4. I placed two and they were accepted, but it's going to be tough to wait. :/

    Hopefully yours will both come in soon and I can live vicariously through you!
  5. 2 orders! lucky gal!
  6. :shame: I just hope they don't come in at the same time!
  7. haven't heard. forgot to ask my SA when I spoke to her this weekend....
  8. haven't heard yet. i may stop by the store this week and i'll get the whole scoop......
  9. Spoke to my SA in Vegas today. The Store Manager went on his honeymoon after he returned from Paris. Can you believe - honeymoon - when I am biting my nails to hear from my podium order????? LOL
    He returned to work today and my SA is going to get an update from him and call me later today.
    Congrats on those orders Rose & Gina! I doubt that I will be able to keep mine a surprise if it is accepted, as it will be my first H bag!!!
  10. I haven't heard anything. Maybe I'll get a call this week. Cat is already out of the bag since my life is all laid out in my signature. No secrets with me.
  11. I'm still waiting to receive my podium order that was accepted in Feb. Would it help things along if I put in a call to inquire? I'm not very good at pestering the SA since I'm so use to SA's from other boutiques following-up with me.
  12. I only know that one of my orders went through a few months back...but am waiting to hear on another one. I hope to hear this coming week --- after the jet-lag wears off for our manager. I am dying to uncross my fingers and toes!
    But, you have to please let me know if that Barenia Gm order goes through, :heart::heart::heart:!!!
  13. What is a barenia Gm? (curious nosey me)
  14. ^^The Picotin in the GM size, my dear!....Is that a lousy explanation, LOL?!?
  15. DOH!! (smacks head)

    You mean like the one she mentions in the first post in this thread???????????:upsidedown:

    Thank you MrsM, I am so daffy!!!