Podium Orders - July 08

Jan 20, 2007
Well its almost that time again.... and we are all thinking what will we get next. I am thinking of a Blanc Crocodile Porosus with Gold Hardware.

I thought it might be nice to start a new thread with information on all the new colors for next Podium order.

Does anyone have any info on the new colors being offered? Last season I know we saw Amethyst being available at Podium.

Please call your SAs and get the scoop ... and lets all chat :smile:
Feb 18, 2008
Another thing, I was told that they actually asked Paris to stop sending them anything with diamonds. Seems they do eventually sell, but most of their client base is not enticed by the bling bling! I'm sure they are still making them with diamonds, just my boutique is not requesting them.


Jul 15, 2007
Rouge Hermes is available in box and then some time ago there was a discussion about colours available in the new chevre mangalore. It's a bummer the search-function is still down :Push:
May 17, 2006
yup blanc croc is more than hard to get . it was also only produced in matte and never shiny due to problems of h to guarantee their quality standards.
seriously blanc croc is beyond hard to get and not even the diamond version would speed things up ( believe me i am desperate for blanccroc and would even take matte now and asked about eachand every possibility (included that dang diamond version) but no they can not guarentee if and when a skin may be eventually available :flowers:
mrs sparkles is right in order for the croc skin to get this white it has to be beyond stellar quality to be up to h standards after all the bleaching painting etc it has to endure in order to get white so one of these skins (and they do need more than one fora b.) is literally a jackpot