Podium Orders for 2009

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  1. Hi ladies, my SA ( well one of them anyway) has called and told me that the orders in Paris will be made soon. She also said that Birkins will not be made in Box:sad:, only Kellys and I am totally sad to hear it. Any confirmations? I might have to try an SO.

  2. TRUE. SO only.
  3. Box Birkins has not been offered in PO for a while now unfortunately. Only via SO.
  4. I have not seen any Birkin in Box for the longest time. If it is possible, I would love to order a Rouge H Box Birkin with white stitching.
  5. SO only girls :smile: ... Just like any other things!!!
  6. Does anyone know why birkins in box are only by SO? Short box supply? Not popular? TIA!!:flowers:
  7. ... I meant to say *MANY other things... not any.
  8. There are a few general answers to this question. Usually a color may not be offered during Podium as they have a seasonal shade which is close to that particular color, and will stop making it for a season or two. Ex: Violet Croc and Amethyst Croc. Sometimes the dyes just dont take well to the current supply of leathers and they will stop making certain light colors.

    Regarding leathers- If there is a shortage of skin, they will remove the offering from Podium because they will not be able to fulfill orders from all the stores world-wide. In order to offer at podium, there needs to be enough supply available to accommodate all the stores when they do their buys.
    Just because a color or skin is not offered during podium - does not mean that your dream bag is unattainable it just means your store needs to hold onto their quota and submit a RaQ order also known as a Special Order. Usually these take place about a month or so after Podium but the store director of your store needs to retain quota. So, if you were ordering a croco birkin your store needs to hold onto both a Birkin Quota and an Exotic Quota.

    I hope this helps :smile:

  9. :ty:Jenna
    I always thought that box was a common leather!
  10. The strange thing is, POs are accepted for Box Kellys though, of that I am quite sure. Oh well thanks for the confirmation, might try the SO then.;)
  11. I ordered a Prune Box Birkin last July, and it had to go through as a SO, not a PO.....Heaven knows when it'll arrive!
  12. Sorry for the naive question but what is a podium order? I am assuming it relates to standard items that are offered across the H network but just not in the store at that particular moment

  13. is this my SA too? :P

    this is slightly off topic but to the men out there, 40 HAC in toile-barenia is available for 2009 PO! yay!

    but I did not place a PO for that. I hope some stores in Europe did. would be nice to see one when I travel.
  14. Nice. Back to the classics. I'm always happy to see Barenia out there.
  15. Are podium order information only available to frequent customers? Or can we ask them what they will have for the year? Thanks :smile: