Podium Orders..any confirmations yet?

  1. I placed one but have not heard back yet. I actually placed another one for my mom at another shop and have not heard from them either. Don't want to sound silly but I don't want to call and nag them as I've already bothered both stores to death placing the orders...

    Thank you! :heart:
  2. Kat, you placed one in Feb. or for July?
  3. not a peep yet...i put in for a box indigo kelly but i'm not expecting it to go through after hearing box is going to be pretty rare :sad:
  4. My SA has only just returned from Paris, so there's no news from this poduim (I didn't order anything at this Podium). I heard back from the Feb podium the minute I contacted them. Expecting my order before Christmas.
  5. Well, I can't get an estimated timeline for my order from Feb. I just called the store today.
  6. I got a call from my SA confirming my Feb 2007 Podium in Mid May 2007. I was told to expect delivery of my order in early Fall 2007.

    As of July 2007 Podium order, my SA told me it got sent to Paris already and confirmation of my order wont be by early Fall 2007, probably around October 2007. (My estimation, according to my experience in timeline from February 2007 Podium)

    I hope this makes sense! :yes:
  7. My manager and her buying assistant just got to Paris over the weekend, and they won't be back so quick. Obviously, no news yet.
  8. I have been told by the manager sometime bet. Sept. to December, but then it could be earlier. Just wish they can give me more info. Is that not possible??? :shrugs: I just turned down a bag from the store that has nothing because of this Podium order. I hope I made the right decision.......
  9. Ohh okay...I think I jumped the gun then! Thank you everybody...I placed both this July at Podium.
  10. Wait a second. Are you all talking about the Feb podium? If you are, then you can expect your bags to start appearing at your stores any time now, staggering in from mid July to Jan.
  11. Both my Feb. and July orders have been confirmed.
  12. Haven't heard a word yet on my July 2007 order. But, that's fine. I'm still waiting for my February 2006 order! LOL!
  13. Confirmation of July's podium probably won't be for a bit for me. My confirmation of Feb's podium happened just less than two months ago with my order coming in a few weeks after that.
  14. my SA should have just gotten back from Paris. I was told I might hear sometime this week if my PO was accepted. I'm going to wait a bit to call though....
  15. orchids, do you mean to say that your SA informed you that your order was confirmed to arrive at your store about 2 months ago, and the physical bag arrived a few weeks after that?

    To what I understand, Paris never tells the store in advance when the bags will arrive. And no news IS really good news. And then 1 - 2 months before the physical bag is shipped out of Paris, Paris sends an invoice for the bag to the store. This is when the manager knows which of the bags ordered at the podium are actually coming in.

    I have been reading about member's SAs informing customers when their bags will be arriving. This bit of information is usually just a guide.

    :graucho:Which bag has arrived? :heart: Have I missed a bag in the reference section?