Podium News

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  1. Has anyone heard any news from Podium yet? I've heard that Vert Anis and Chartreuse as colours are to be discontinued (not sure if this in reality means rested)

    Anyone heard anything else yet?
  2. Your news is fast Ms. Birkin. The SMs are just there! :smile:
  3. That's all I know,so not that exciting...:blush:
  4. My SA told me that back in April.
  5. ^^^
    I wonder why they would take orders in chartreuse if it were to be discontinued?
  6. ^You may want to check again with your SA regarding about your order for chartreuse. Chartreuse in size 40 birkin is beautiful, Kat!

    Vert anis, Vert Cru and Chartreuse are the best greens.
  7. ^^^
    thanks IFFAH, I will do that! I hope it is still available, if not I am sure I can find another colour,lol

    btw. I changed the size to a 35 last time I was there...but if chartreuse is no longer available I think I will change it to a 40 in Gold.
  8. I ordered a shoulder birkin 40cm in Vert Anis..... :sad:
  9. huh should i be rushing out to buy that vert anis bag now?

    I thought Vert Anis was one of their most popular and best colours. Why discontinue?
  10. I asked that question as well as I thought it was one of the most popular colours but they didn't seem to know why. It could be that the colour is just being rested for a while. I do hope it comes back though
  11. It never occured to me to ask for an update from Podium. I guess with email and texting available at our fingertips, it could be an option. Sadly, I'll have to wait until everyone returns. :sad:
  12. That would suck. I was hoping to get the vert anis as a lining for one of my birkins. Hopefully, this is just a rumour cuz their greens are so pretty.
  13. I'd really like to hear what the theme is for next year too. I know that last year we'd heard before the managers even got back from Podium. I'd certainly like to be a little fly on the wall over there in Paris.
  14. This is how I found out, I happened to be talking about a possible SO and mentioned Vert Anis as a contrast lining, to which I was told it was being discontinued :shame:
  15. I'm SO glad I decided to spring for my Chartreuse Picotin in Paris in Jan! It was a color I just had to have. I had no intention of buying a bag but when they had the color and size, it just had to be. I'm not usually impulsive but if it is being discontinued, I'm sure glad I was!!