Podium Meetings at 24 Faubourg

  1. Hi Everyone:
    Just wanted to find out if anyone has any information on the Podium Meetings which are held twice a year at the Faubourg.
    It is some type of corporate-sponsored event which everyone attends, even the partner stores.
    Thanks for any information.
  2. No, it's when all the worldwide management staff meet in Paris and Pantin to place their orders for the season and to see what's new.
    I thought your friend was a Directrice of Hermes? Surely she would have told you this?
  3. Hey There Up there in Alaska:
    BTW, are there any Hermes stores in Alaska?LOL
    My friend is a Directrice at a Corporate store, as you mentioned, but due to confidentiality, legal issues, etc. She doesnt go into detail about the Podium events.
    Was just trying to find out more information about the one that was just completed.
    Thanks for your quick reply.
  4. Susan, I am bit confused -- we have all found out what podium is from our Sales Assistants at Hermes so why wouldn't your friend be able to tell you what the meaning of Podium is?
    I was not aware that there were legal issues involved in divulging its meaning, but please feel free to correct me ... I am curious.

  5. SUSANVON.....what kind of info would you like? Your initial question was very general.....
  6. No Hermes in the 49th state, susanvon.

    I am not sure why your friend would not tell you what podium is.....I am sure the specifics of which client orders are placed and accepted would not be available for discussion, but the actual workings of the process are not a secret. They also place their orders for the store in general at this time.

    You can search the main Hermes subforum and find many threads on this subject...
  7. There's nothing confidential about the Hermes Podiums. your Directrice friend seems to like keeping you in the dark...?