PODCASTS- Which do you subscribe to?

  1. Okay.. I may be a little late on this but I just discovered the whole podcasts thing on itunes. :p I was wondering which ones you ladies & gents subscribe to? So far I've gotten the Vogue Fashion on Demand, ELLE Style Reports, People.com This Week's Buzz & Wireimage Hollywood Podcast. Am I missing any other good ones?? Of course, being the cheapie that I am, I prefer ones that are free... unless of course, it's a must have! Thanks in advance!

    Virginia :smile:
  2. i subscribe to a few:
  3. i don't have a ton of time for podcasts so i only subscribe to ifanboy.com's pick of the week comics podcast, NPR's this american life essays series, and senator obama's sporadic podcast updates.

    if i'm taking a long trip, sometimes i'll download a few episodes of NPR's weekly news quiz show wait wait don't tell me just for kicks.
  4. I love This American Life and Jordan Jesse Go.
  5. Only the Jay and Jack Lost pod cast for me
  6. I used to listen to the Disney ones from their site but I kind of forgot about it. :push:
  7. gosh lots.....my favorites are:
    wall street journal this morning
    macbreak weekly
    cast on (about knitting)
    lime and violet (about knitting)
    gadgettes (girls from cnet)
  8. Vogue

    I really like the Vogue podcasts! They're great and wonderful if you're really into high fashion!
  9. Only Chanel and This American Life
  10. I'm an NPR junkie with no clear station and no satellite radio so: This American Life, Wait Wait Don't tell me, NPR books, Fresh Air etc. etc. etc.

    For the non-npr lover, I also get Mark Kermode's film reviews (a brit that fellow tpfer jane introduced me to), Savage Love (not for the faint of heart advice column), and KEXP's song of the day (so worth it!!!)

    Now I will have to go check out Vogue!!
  11. U2 podcast
  12. Thanks for sharing!
  13. I'm gonna bump this up since I think it's a great topic. I need more good suggestions. Doesn't have to be all fashion.
  14. I listen to the podcast of the morning show from my favorite radio station at home (WMMR's Preston and Steve). I started listening in high school and still listen years later, even as an out of market fan. It's free and they always have great guests. Oh and it keeps me laughing all day long at work.
  15. notesinspanish


    Chelsea Handler