Pockets, I need more pockets/storage

  1. I'm really hating the purseket. I hate it in my mini lin because its a med and need a large. Dont want to spend the money to get another one. I have a large in my mc speedy but its in there and comfy :smile: dont wanna take it out.

    Digging in a speedy is HELL :cursing: to say the least when you're looking for things. Funny how the b/f made he comment this weekend when i was digging for his keys in my lockit, he's like damn you can find everything in there. I'm sure its just because of the large opening. :yahoo: It works.(funny because when i mentioned getting this bag he didnt fancy it and said he'd have to see it irl first, now he's like its hot!):nuts:
    The large inside pocket and cell pocket are wonderful. :yes:

    I purchased a mono pochette to use in the bag as storage thats open but now i just wanna use it when i'm running around and dont need my entire bag, plus i have my panda on there as an extender so i dont wanna hide it.

    Any one have idea's without having to use a purseket? I like the idea on my mc because its hard to locate things and its a stiff bag, i dont like it in my mini lini because its more of a floppy less structured bag.

    Lord what did i do before LV ?
  2. I use a large purseket in my Saleya MM and it is PERFECT for it! Everything stays so neat, organized and pretty, even though most of my things are in separate cases and bags anyway and they would probably be fine without the purseket. The purseket also acts as a divider if I want to put paperwork in the bag and keeps papers from getting wrinkled or folded. However, the large opening of the Saleya is key.

    The whole other purpose of using a purseket besides organization is supposed to be that you can transfer bags in one fell swoop. Grab the purseket and switch, right?

    Nope, not with a speedy (I have the mini lin). I can't fit the purseket through the speedy opening when there are things in it. When a purseket is empty, it rolls up perfectly and then opens up and lines the speedy just fine. But then you have to fill in the pockets and transfer things over one at a time. So, you may as well not use a purseket especially because the opening isn't big enough to be able to see/access all the pockets anyway.

    So, when I use the speedy, I just transfer everything in there and I make sure that I lay my wallet, agenda, glasses cases and other flat things along the bottom and lay my cosmetic case and other flimsier things on top. I don't use a cardboard or magazine on the bottom since I am a fan of "the sag". And honestly, it keeps its shape and doesn't sag all that much! I guess it's because I place the flat things on the bottom. And keys aren't an issue because of the D-ring!

  3. ^^ thanks for the post.
  4. Bag, I'm a bit of a Purseket nut b/c I buy one for each bag so I don't have to transfer it out when I switch bags (which is almost daily)
  5. Bag Fetish: (OT) I just looked at your "Lusting for" list and I am also dreaming about an SO Damier Mezzo. But I'm one of those that needs immediate gratification, so if I know I've ordered it but have to wait three months, it would probably kill me!!! :nuts:

    :back2topic: Anyway, a purseket would be ideal for a Mezzo because of its large opening and the profile is rather thin so one might have a tendency to pile things upwards in the bag which would require the dreaded "digging". The purseket would keep things so you could see them all at once!!!

    HTH!! :cutesy:
  6. ^^ see i find it a royal pita to get that into my speedy.
    When i first started using it I did that, one for my mc speedy, mono speedy and alma. it was great because at that point I used a lot of small items and found the purseket great. Now i'm using bigger accessories but still the keys and phone, b/fs wallet are issues.
    I just hate digging. I find the purseket is ok in my lockit but then again its so easier to find things just like the alma because the opening is big.
  7. Like you I hope I can find one on eBay for a nice price , I dont want to wait:cursing:

    I think the big issue is the opening of the bags/purseket. I think maybe i'll try my large in my mini lin and see how i make out.

    I think LV needs to address this issue :yes:
  8. i have only found them about $3 cheaper on eBay. nothing ground breaking.
  9. I hear you....but what I really want is a bag/tote with some pockets!
  10. ^^ that would be nice :biggrin: