Pockets, Cities, Twiggies, Days

  1. I have fallen in love with the deeper pockets on my Emerald 06 Day. It may be that this is my favorite style - but I always thought of myself more as a Twiggy girl. Before the Day, I used an old beat up Twiggy - it seemed just fine, in terms of size.

    I just took back a Black City to Barney's because I wasn't using it - I have somehow migrated away from black and into other colors. But, I also wondered about the pocket size on the City. Seems to me they are no bigger than on the First.

    I don't have the old beat up Twiggy anymore for comparison, but does anyone who has City, Twiggy and Day mind giving me a pocket estimate? Are the Twiggy pockets wider than the City pockets or the same size? I know the Day pockets are much bigger.

    Oh - and does the Part Time have big pockets like the Day or no?
  2. I know that the City pockets are ridiculously small, and I believe they are much smaller than the Twiggy pockets. The Part Time is somewhere in between I think. The inside pocket of the Part time is still not as big as I would like it to be!!!
  3. Oooh so my twiggy will have quite large pockets? That's exciting.

    I always thought the pocket on the front/outside of my first was pretty big. I can fit 6 rolls of film in there. The inside pocket is kind of small/useless.
  4. Is the outside Twiggy pocket the same size as the City pocket? Yes, I'm obsessing.
  5. I think that the twiggy's outside pocket is bigger than the city's...
  6. Thanks, Danae. The scale is definitely tipping toward a new Twiggy.
  7. Wow...I expected some authorities on pocket size to have weighed in on this topic by now ... anyone? :smile:
  8. ^I'm interested to know too :yes:

    I should be getting my Twiggy tomorrow... but I only have a First to compare her too :push:
  9. Verty, it will be very nice of you, if you will make that comparison - after you get over the initial excitement.
  10. Melisande :p I'll definitely report back after I've compared the Twiggy to the First pockets :yes:
  11. BUMP! How about some measurements!


    Inside pocket: 5 x 3''

    Outside pocket: 6'' x 4,5''

    Can anyone contribute with the pocket dimensions of the other styles?
  12. I always had a sneaking suspicion that they make the pockets small to sell more coin purses:p
  13. ^^ hilarious......and probably true
  14. the inside pocket on the city has one purpose - to hold the mirror! that is all that fits!!! ridiculous, really.

    the size of the pocket in the day is very generous, as you already know. i can't remember the size of the twiggy, but i have a feeling it's bigger than the city inside pocket. the outside pocket of the city is actually an okay size - i believe it's about the same size as the Day's outside pocket...
  15. For some reason, the inside pocket of my Twiggy is slightly bigger than the City.

    But I never put anything in the inside pocket other than my keys and a protein bar, so I don't mind the small pocket of the City.