Pocket Squares

  1. Ok, one post and then I'm off to squeeze myself in for fondue tonight (didn't make a reservation, oh brilliant me).

    What do you do with pocket squares? I mean, aside from putting it in your pocket?
  2. I tie mine around my neck, I also have those little tiny scarf rings (tribord) that are meant to be used with the twillys, but I use them with my pocket squares, too. I have to admit, though, I use my full-size scarves MUCH more then my pocket squares......they're so little!!
  3. I tie them on a ponytail and on my bags, too. Adds a nice splash of color!
  4. Fold and tie on bag, roll and tie on neck, use as cover inside the birkin,(nice splash of color, and gives my wallet privacy :blush: ), and folded tie arround the wrist.
  5. I use mine as a headband or around a pony tail (when my hair was longer). Tie around the handle of my bags and also around my neck... I use vintage mother of pearl scarf rings. :yes: