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  1. [​IMG]

    Are there pictures on how to properly tie a pocket square on a ponytail, bag, and wrist? I'm afraid it will slip off my hair. suggestions?
  2. I have "slippery" hair, so I tie my hair with an elastic and then slip the pochette through it them tie it into a knot.
  3. i can't imagine not having to use an elastic as well. hermes silk is so slippery to begin with. but there are a million cute ways to use one. a while back joanna posted some great pictures of ways to wear them around your neck, so you might search for that. hermes has a book that is filled with ideas - free with purchase, $5 if you get it separately, and i believe you can actually access it online for free from their site, HERMÈS™ scarf, tie and fragrance
    fastened around a bun would be my #1 favorite.
    tying a knot in the middle and then placing that over a ponytail (with the knot on top) and a bow on the bottom is another.
  4. elastic? like a rubber band? that pulls on the hair. how about the ouchless ponytail holder?
  5. sorry. i have no clue where it is on the site. i've looked though.
  6. That's what I use. I get them at Target and they're a black stretchy material. :smile:
  7. yes, re. ponyholders, i use the weird rubbery stuff too. you can figure out whatever works for you.

    as for the scarves - go to their site. click on "women"
    on the left side, click on "scarves"
    on the right side, click on "playtime with your scarf"
  8. To fold, take two opposite corners and fold in til the points are touching. Then fold both sides in twice more until you have a long narrow "ribbon" you can then tie this in your hair (as a headband or around a ponytail) or you can tie it onto a bag. HTH :flowers:
  9. I mainly tie them on my bags, but do the wrist wrap, too....
  10. i've tied it around my wrists and it looks horrid! i'll try again.
  11. You have to fold them like Crochetbella suggests. It's called 'folding on the bias' or 'bias fold'. You will see this description quite a lot.
  12. i'd like to see pictures!
  13. Here's a pocket square folded on the bias. :flowers:
    th_DSCN0799.jpg attachment.jpg
  14. thanks! i mean worn on someone though. ;)
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