Pocket Square as a scarf/Ascot

  1. having yet to purchase any hermes, i am looking to purchase a pocket square, and use it as an ascot of some sort and was wondering if the pocket square has enough area for this to work! as scarfs are not sold in the mens line. thankyou!;)
  2. mistake, scarfs are sold in the mens line, i meant the silk type of scarfs lol
  3. created another post, srry!
  4. ^^ It would be tricky, easier with a 70 cm scarf. You could create a 'bib' with the gavroche though and tuck it under a shirt.
  5. thxs so much rose! really helped! im going to with silk twilly!
  6. There is one way to fold the gavroche/pocket square to maximize the use of the square and tie it around your neck to give the illusion of an ascot; I learned this from an SA at the Hermes in Heathrow. Take two opposite ends and tie the ends together in a small knot so that the pattern is showing, then take the other two opposite ends and tie around your neck. Arrange the folds so that the pattern is showing and that's it.
  7. Orchids, that looks great! I'll have to try it, I'm usually so uncreative with tying my pocket square.